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Waxing Chest Hair at Home for Mens

Hair Removal At Home / October 16, 2018

Of all our men’s manscaping and men’s waxing services, chest waxing for men is one of the most requested.

Contrary to popular belief all men’s chest waxing is not like Steve Carrel in 40-Year- Old Virgin. While admittedly it is not like having a relaxing massage, it is not going to cause you to yell Kelly Clarkson or go into convulsions.

Chest waxing includes your chest, stomach, abs, shoulders and blending into your arms. Chest waxing is done with soft wax. We begin where hair is least dense to densest depending on your pain tolerance. We do trim the chest hair when necessary to prevent matting like a wet poodle. Some bleeding may occur topically, but will clear up by the end of your chest hair waxing. Skin may be a little sensitive and tender, but this will go away overnight.

This upper body waxing service can be broken up into a chest wax or an abs only waxing.

These are the most frequently asked questions asked about men’s chest waxing.
Frequently Asked Questions – Chest Waxing for Men:

Is chest waxing really like Steve Carrel in the 40-Year Old Virgin?/strong>Was that really Steve Carrel? Yes. Was that really his hair? Yes! Is your chest wax going to be that painful? No. Why Not?

Steve Carrel really did let someone wax his chest hair for the movie. He really did bleed. There were 3 major things wrong with his waxing service:

  1. The chest hair was not trimmed to a proper length which will cause matting and make the hair harder to come off.
  2. The wax was extremely hot. We also don’t know the quality of the wax that was used.
  3. When waxing a chest it’s not best to start in the middle of the chest.

Well, then how painful is my chest wax going to be?
There is no set answer for this. The 2 biggest factors that contribute to the pain factor are hair coarseness and hair density.

What areas does a chest wax cover?

The chest wax covers the chest, stomach, abs, and shoulders. You can get the abs only waxed or you can wax only the top half.

What type of wax do you use for chest waxing?

We do soft wax over large areas like the chest. This is the easiest and fastest way to get through the pain factor. At our discretion, we may use hard wax in any areas that we find to be particularly furry.

The hair is long on my chest, should it be trimmed down?

When you come in we can make that call. Don’t worry about trimming your chest hair first before you come in. We will take care of it. Generally, it’s easier to wax when the hair is longer.

The hair on my chest is dense, can I even wax my chest?

Yes.This is one of the reasons we do a small test strip before we go for the whole chest. If the chest hair is dense but light normally there is no problem. If the chest hair is dense and coarse the pain factor has to be considered if it’s worth doing. The estheticians at Bare Skin Studio are highly experienced and can gauge what kind of reaction your skin will have prior to doing a whole chest wax service. We can do the chest wax service with breaks if needed. If all else fails we can still groom your chest smooth.