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Waxing Cream for Mens

Cream / July 8, 2017

A jar of hair wax for men.This is a men’s hair products tutorial covering hair gel, pomade, wax, hair mousse, styling cream, hair spray and natural oils for the styling of male hair.

In this tutorial, I will be covering the hair products that you use to style your hair, with such “hairstyling” products consisting of gooey substances such as gels and creams. There are plenty of brands for hairstyling products, and I’m sure many brands would ring a bell if I were to mention them; however, hairstyling products do actually fall into, as I call them, “types”, and these types serve as your starting point when it comes to buying hair products as well as ultimately using them. These are the 7 types of hairstyling products:

  • Hair gel
  • Hair pomade
  • Hair wax
  • Hair mousse
  • Styling cream
  • Hair spray
  • Natural oils

The above types of hairstyling products are used during your styling stage, as extensively covered in my developed hair equation in my book The Men’s Hair Book, and these hairstyling products are styling agents that will give the ultimate shape and look to your hair for the given day in which you use them. Must I say that you certainly don’t need to use hairstyling products to have great hair, especially if you follow my Sebum Coating method as extensively covered in either of my two hair-care books, but it is a reality that using hairstyling products opens a new door of men’s hairstyles for you.

What I will be doing in this tutorial is I’ll be going through each of the types of hairstyling products, providing a no-fluff and to-the-point description together with an Amazon link to a good branded product for that particular hairstyling product type. For what is worth, I highly recommend you to purchase your hair products from Amazon as not only is Amazon the most-trusted online retailer in existence but it also has a superb range of hair products that will satisfy even the most scrupulous of hair-product users like yours truly.A bottle of styling cream for men Ergo, my goal in this tutorial will be to oversimplify the purchasing process for you so that all you have to do is read this tutorial, decide which product type you want to try and then click on its respective link to buy a product that will actually work, unlike most of the snake oil surrounding the hair-care field.

Let’s kick it!

Hair Products for Men: Hair gel

Hair gel is an excellent styling product to give shape to your hair and style it in cumbersome ways. Hair gels can be used with just about any hairstyle you may have in mind so as to fully customize the look of your hair.

Hair gels are actually categorized by “hold”, which refers to the strength-holding capacity of the gel, and hair gels can come in three holds: “light”, “firm” and “strong”. “Strong” also includes “extra strong”, although sometimes hair-product manufacturers will list “extra strong” as a fourth hold category.

Light hold

Light-hold hair gel is indicated for hairstyles that do not require the hair to be secured tightly in place. Light-hold hair gels give some freedom of movement to the hair while defining the locks.

Firm hold

Firm-hold hair gel provides a tighter grip on the hair than the one from light-hold hair gel. Firm-hold hair gel defines the hair and is of special use for hairstyles that require some precise shaping.