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Laser Hair at Home for Mens

Hair Removal At Home / August 16, 2018

News Flash

» The FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) has recently approved certain hair lasers as a proven agent of promoting hair growth in males suffering male pattern baldness.

Clinical studies showed:

  • 93% of Men (aged 30-60) increased their terminal (thick) hair count
  • Average increase of terminal hairs was 19 hairs p/cm after 6 months of hair laser treatment

» At Transitions we utilize the latest, state of the art hair lasers to generate the best results for you. We also incorporate other apparatus and procedures to create the healthiest environment for hair regrowth.

Before & After Photos of Laser Hair Therapy

hairmax laser hair therapy treatment photos before and after

» Three key principles govern our hair retention regimen: Cleanse, Control and Revive.


» Utilizing a unique deep follicular cleansing procedure from the USA, we internally cleanse the hair follicle. By removing debris, excess sebum and encrusted sebum we remove any external hindrances to hair regrowth. A healthier environment should result in healthier hair.


» Studies show that 100% of people experiencing hair loss have a parasite living in their scalp – demodex folliculorum. Through the cleansing process we remove some the food source of these parasites, which in turn should control the number of parasites living inside the hair shaft, thus creating a healthier environment for hair regrowth.


» Hair lasers have been clinically shown to both promote hair regrowth and stop the progression of hair loss in most cases. The hair lasers create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair and energize follicular cells, even speeding the rate of hair regrowth.

Topical treatments are used in conjunction with hair laser therapy. Clients have the choice of using pharmaceutical grade products (such as Rogaine, Regaine or Minoxidil - clinically shown to cause hair regrowth) or all natural products that have been shown to inhibit the production of DHT (dihydrotesterone), thus assisting with hair regrowth. These products are to be used at home after laser hair treatments. These help enhance the 'in-house' treatments to further retain hair and stimulate hair regrowth. These are options are best discussed with your experienced Transitions Consultant.

Recommended for Early Stage Hair Loss.

» Transitions Hair Group is the most trusted name in hair regrowth and hair restoration.

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Laser hair treatments have proven to be so successful at increasing the rate of hair regrowth after a hair transplant, that we now include 3 months FREE laser therapy with each hair transplant. The hair laser increases the blood supply to the scalp by up to 54% after just one session, speeding the rate of recovery and healing of the hair transplant. It also increases the speed of hair regrowth. It is our experience that the newly transplanted hairs will grow approximately twice as fast with laser hair treatments. Clients may also wish to continue using hair regrowth treatments after the hair transplant (such as Rogaine, Regaine or Minoxidil) to help keep the original hair intact as long as possible.

Use it in the comfort of your own home and see the healing difference it can make. Just 3 sessions per week can speed your hair growth and recovery!