Increasing Dick Size – How to Trim Chest Hair | Men s Grooming

Chest Hair Trim for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / January 3, 2022

"In Turner's case, " Kynaston continues, "I suspect it was all about showing off his impressive torso, which is one of the main reasons guys do it. I mean, if you've worked hard at the gym, why hide your hard-won pecs and abs under a carpet of fur?"

So perhaps the rules are as follows: If you haven't got anything worth seeing underneath your expanse of chest hair, leave it untrimmed. But, if you've cultivated pecs so sculpted they'd make Michelangelo's David look like he's got a 'dadbod', reach for those clippers and shave for England.

The subconcious aim appears to be to look as manly as possible and, in that endeavour, muscles beat bristles. So, shave off to show off, but if your chest definition leaves a little to be desired, avoid the razor and keep people guessing. Even if they discover that your shaggy smokescreen is just that, at least they'll marvel at your neanderthal-like hair growth abilities.

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