Smooth Under Arms And Hair Removal Techniques

Underarms Hair Removal Cream for Mens

Cream / January 30, 2019

Why do I have dark underarms or why are my armpits dark? How can I get rid of dark underarms? Get insight on dark armpits or underarms including causes, best underarm whitening creams to use, home remedies to lighten or bleach your black armpits, treatments for darkened underarms and much more.

Dark armpits or dark underarms is a skin discoloration problem that makes one’s underarms to appear darker one’s normal body skin tone. It affects women and men of all age sets though Hispanic and African American women have been noted to have a higher prevalence, according to Mayo Clinic.

Dark Underarms Causes, How to Get Rid or Whiten with Creams, Remedies and Treatments

As any lady and you will get this answer ‘I have dark armpits or my armpits are dark and I wish I could whiten or lighten them’. Truly, having black underarms or very dark underarms can be particularly embarrassing and it might affect your confidence and how you dress as you try hard to hide your armpits. Most will want to avoid swimsuits as well as shirts that are sleeveless.

Why are my armpits dark what causes dark underarms

Why are my armpits dark? It is normal for anyone to wonder why his or her armpits or underarms are so dark or black and sometimes itchy. There are many reasons for not only underarm darkness but also dark inner thighs, groin and even neck region. Some of the most common causes of dark underarms include:

Dark skin under armpits after shaving

If you have darker colored armpit hair, expect dark underarms after shaving. The darkness is due to the appearance of your cut hair follicle which are just below your skin surface i.e. sub-surface hairs will appear dark. Sometimes, your underarms can be itchy if a sharp razor is not used.

If you have very dark underarms due to shaving, consider plucking or waxing your armpit hairs. These two hair removal options will make the remaining hair less visible thereby reducing dark appearance of your underarms.

Note: Even if you opted for waxing or plucking, just like shaving, some micro abrasion will cause small wounds which darken and thus you will still have dark colored armpits. Permanent laser hair removal might be recommended.