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Gents Hair Removal Cream for Mens

Cream / October 29, 2020

With the exception of swimmers, athletes and body builders, body hair removal has long been considered a strictly female activity. Now, more men than ever are taking part in women’s grooming rituals for a smooth, hair-free body.

While men tend not to want all of their hair removed, they do want their body hair to look thinned out, especially on their back, chest and limbs. If you’re considering body hair removal, review these six common temporary techniques.

Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing is often considered a painful technique for hair removal, but it is also one of the most common and effective methods, since it removes hair at the root. The popular technique consists of spreading hot wax on the desired area, applying a piece of cloth or muslin onto the wax, rubbing and smoothing over the area and ripping off the strip in one fell swoop. Similar to waxing, sugaring involves sugar paste, made of sugar, lemon, water and citric acid, applied over time to gradually weaken the roots and thin the hair.


Men tend to shave their facial hair regularly or at least at one time in their lives. This technique is the easiest method available for body hair removal, as it allows you to cover any body area in one sitting with a razor and shaving cream. Before shaving, it’s important to shower with warm water to open the pores and raise the hair follicles. Make sure you have a good quality razor and shaving foam, then shave in the direction of hair growth for great results.

Electrical Trimming

Perfect for beginners in body hair removal, electric trimmers allow you to control the length of the hair to be trimmed. A good method for men with sensitive skin, the safe, irritation-free trimmers are all about subtle body hair maintenance. While the trimmers won’t give a smooth finish, they also won’t let you become completely bare.

Hair removal Creams

You can use these pain free creams to remove excess body hair by applying product on the desired area for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Also known as depilatories, the creams dissolve the protein structure of a hair strand, making it easier for uprooting. These products are often harsh on the skin and don’t work well on thick dark hair. Make sure to follow all instructions and do a patch test on a small area skin to avoid undue reactions.

Laser Hair Removal

This permanent yet pricy FDA-approved laser hair removal technique involves using a laser beam to heat up the hair follicle and put it into a dormant growth stage. Results vary based on skin pigmentation and hair color, so consult with a doctor first as to whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment. Consider waxing for areas where you may not want to permanently rid your body of hair.


This permanent hair removal treatment uses an ultra-slim needle to penetrate each hair shaft, delivering tiny electric shocks to the hair follicle to kill the cells that help hair grow. The effectiveness of the permanent technique varies from person to person. Significantly more expensive and time consuming than other treatments, it could take up to a year to eliminate body hair entirely. Ideal areas to eliminate hair include unibrows, the back of the neck and stray body hairs.