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Odorless Hair Removal Cream for Mens

Cream / October 23, 2020

Lasts 2-3 Days
Leaves Stubble
Damages Skin


Rebranded Women's Lines
Stripped of Skin Care Ingredients
Dries out Men's Skin


The main difference with our SYSTEM compared to the competition, is we’re the 1st and only brand that offers pre and post hair removal solutions packaged for convenience. As well as we offer one of the only solutions for unassisted back hair removal with our revolutionary back applicator . Hair removal is really all about the skin so it is important to prep and care for the skin before, during and after hair removal sessions. You can

  • Our pre-hair removal solutions include: that is critical to your skins health. Both soothe and help eliminate irritation, bumps and ingrown hair. They also stimulate new collagen, help slow down new regrowth (much like laser without the limitation and pain of laser).
  • Our innovative back applicator: THE WINGMAN is simply a GAME CHANGER. It allows men to remove their own back hair unassisted.SMOOTHTECH|PRO No more embarrassing waxing appointments. You can now achieve full body hair removal in the privacy of your own home.


ELIMINATE ST1 is an organic lotion designed to safely remove hair while simultaneously hydrating and moisturizing men’s skin. Veet, Nad & Nair are creams that contain fragrances and other ingredients-chemicals that can be harmful to men’s skin (products known to dry and age skin). These competitor products were originally created for woman with lower ph levels and less collagen. Veet, Nair and Nads, are designed for speed; single action to remove hair only, not really worrying about the long term effects on the skin. They typically remove hair faster than our ELIMINATE ST1 lotion. Why?

SMOOTHTECH|PROELIMINATE ST1 creates an additional barrier for the skin that helps prevent (TEWL) transepidermal water loss which is key to maintaining healthy looking skin which is what hair removal is all about. This additional barrier allows our ingredients to smart target the protein keratin in the hair without irritating the skin. We’re not as fast as the competitive brands, but we don’t damage the skin. We nurture the skin with built-in skin therapy. We’re all about prevention and correction, so by using our products you can actually help correct other skin issues, including back acne, ingrown hair, bumps, irritation, dry patches etc. You may not realize the extra benefits that come with our products, because most consumers are only concerned with removing the hair. But we say our best consumer is an educated consumer and, once they realize that all of our products are free of skin enemies (no fragrance, no synthetic dyes, no parabens, no harsh alcohols, no petrolatum, no sulfates, no cruelty) and is engineered to bring men’s skin back to its natural hydration levels which helps eliminate other skin issues, they realize that they’ve made the right choice. You should want your exposed skin to look good, so you should want to use a system engineered specifically for men’s skin.

REDUCE ST2 is professional grade and constitutes a real tool to help fight new hair growth due to its progressive ingredients that reduce, refine and weaken new regrowth by destroying the chemical connection of the hair shaft at the root. *REDUCE is science based technology with unmistakable results and is great for ALL PARTS of the body including face, neck, groin and genitals. This long term solution impairs overall body hair quality, lessening growth, length and density minimizing the need for body hair removal. It a post hair removal solution that also soothe, hydrates and stimulates new collagen.

*REDUCE works to disable only the actively growing hair which is typically about 25% of a certain area. Hair grows in 3 phases: Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting phase) so REDUCE DOES NOT work on the hair in its resting or transition phase. Much like laser removal you must have several sessions (around 8 to 10) with SmoothTech Pro to realize the benefits and again you must be consistent with DAILY use.