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Permanently remove Chin Hair for Mens

Permanently / February 20, 2020

Do you feel like your eyebrows have taken on a life of their own? Are stray hairs increasing in frequency, making upkeep difficult? Is it becoming more difficult to hide your slight “mustache” under your makeup? Have you suddenly noticed dark hairs in places you didn’t see them before (ears, chin, etc.)? Don’t despair! There is help!

Technique for Removing Unwanted Facial Hair

The skin on your face can be very sensitive. Because of this, we use a waxing method that minimizes discomfort and redness.

First, we will examine your skin type and discuss any issues you may have had with previous facial hair removal. We only use hard wax on the facial area to ensure we will carefully remove the unwanted hair with minimal trauma to the skin.

The wax used at Clean Slate Skin.Hair.Nails incorporates aromatherapy ingredients, which are relaxing and gentle on your skin. To minimize discomfort and irritation, the wax is used at a low temperature.

After your waxing, a soothing salve will be applied to the waxed area and proper care of your skin will be discussed to ensure you know what to expect from your hair removal service.

Try Sugaring for Gentle Hair Removal

If your sensitive skin makes facial waxing uncomfortable, there is another option: sugaring. At Clean Slate Skin.Hail.Nails, Vicky offers sugaring with Alexandria Professional™ products. The hair-removal paste is 100% natural and water-soluble, leaving your skin clean and smooth.

Be sure to ask about this alternative option for removing unwanted facial hair.

Add Depilar System™ Treatments for Permanent Hair Removal

You can also now add Depilar System™ treatments to your facial waxing. These treatments, which are applied immediately following a waxing, can permanently remove your unwanted hair and are considered safer than laser hair removal.

Clean Slate Skin.Hair.Nails is proud to be the first San Diego salon to offer this permanent hair removal solution.

Eyebrow Waxing and Shaping

Your eyebrows help frame your face and can be a focal point for all of those you meet. You may feel self conscious if your brows begin to get unruly. Get your eyebrows under control with an eyebrow shaping at Clean Slate Skin.Hair.Nails.

Unlike some other places you can get an eyebrow wax, we will take the time to determine the best way to shape your brows, making sure your eyebrows complement your facial features, not detract from them.

Clean Slate Skin.Hair.Nails is close to Downtown, Hillcrest, North Park, and all of Central San Diego, making it convenient for you to schedule an appointment on your lunch hour or on your way home.

Lip Waxing

Let’s face it – no matter how you feel about facial hair on guys, you don’t want your own mustache. Unfortunately, thicker lip hair could be a gift from your family history or just something Mother Nature decided to “bless” you with.

Don’t deal with the pain of constant tweezing or the harshness (and pain) of at-home hair removal kits. Schedule a lip waxing appointment at our North Park location today and say goodbye to your unwanted lip hair.

Full Face Hair Removal

Have overactive hormones or heredity left you with excess hair on your face? Using a soft touch, we can remove hair from various spots on your face.


Never disappointed by the work Clean Slate Skin.Hair.Nails does. The Brazilian is as painless as you can get. Vicky is quick and efficient. The hard wax is amazing. No strips no mess. She shapes my unruly brows to perfection. I love her work!!! Highly recommended!