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Permanently remove Beard for Mens

Permanently / June 1, 2019

Removing facial hair is a daily task for men, and even some women. Waking up every morning and shaving or tweezing away hairs from your chin, cheek and neck can get tedious and annoying, and many hate dealing with the daily hassle. Even using an electric razor, which tends to be quicker than shaving and yields longer results, doesn’t make hair removal any more appealing. Daily shaving can be especially irritating for those who have thicker and faster growing hair. That’s why many men and women turn to long-lasting solutions to permanently remove their beards and mustaches. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are both effective permanent beard removal options, and they help many achieve the well-groomed, hair-free face they want.

How Much Facial Hair is Removed?

With facial laser hair removal, the amount of hair removed from a beard or mustache depends on the patient and their desired look. Some want to leave a goatee or some small amount of hair on their upper lip, while others want to completely wipe their face clean. In general, most men want to target the areas where hair grows the most such as the cheeks, chin and neck. For women, removing hair from the upper lip and chin is the most important, and more often than not, there is only a small amount to deal with. For patients with small patches or stray hairs, laser hair removal is a good option, but electrolysis can also work. Since it is a longer, more painful procedure, electrolysis works well for those who don’t have a thick beard or mustache to remove.

Side Effects of Permanent Beard and Mustache Removal

While facial laser hair removal is a safe and relatively painfree treatment, there are a couple side effects that patients need to be aware of. During sessions, patients have reported some discomfort, comparing the laser to a rubberband being snapped on their skin. For those with dense hair or sensitive skin, hair removal technicians can apply topical gels that numb the skin to avoid excessive pain. Other side effects of laser beard removal are redness, swelling and irritation, but this tends to subside after a couple days.

Cost of Permanent Beard and Mustache Removal

The price of permanently removing a beard or mustache will vary with each individual depending on how much hair they want removed, how many treatment sessions are needed to achieve their aesthetic goals, the selected hair removal specialist and the geographic location where the procedure takes places. On average, laser facial hair removal costs about $150 per session, and 5-6 sessions are usually suggested to reach the ideal reduction of hair growth. You can discuss the overall cost of beard or mustache removal at a consultation with a trained technician. He or she can provide you with an accurate estimate as well as information about patient financing.

Ideal Candidates for Permanent Beard and Mustache Removal

If you are sick of the daily hassle of shaving and want to look into permanent solutions, then laser beard removal and electrolysis are good options. It’s important to remember, however, that laser treatments will not work for everyone. Ideal candidates will have light skin and dark hair so the laser can target the hair follicle accurately. People with darker skin and blonde, red or gray hair, may need to look into other permanent beard removal options like electrolysis. The best way to determine if laser treatment or electrolysis is right for you is to meet with a certified hair removal specialist. After a careful analysis of your skin color and hair type, a professional can suggest the best options to get the look you want.

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