How Do I Remove Hair on the Nose? (with pictures)

How to permanently remove Hair for Mens?

Permanently / September 9, 2018

So I use a combination of two things to tame “the jungle” down there.

First, I use a body trimmer to keep my bush neat and trim. I use a rechargeable fully submersible from Philips, a one so that I can trim while taking a shower. The trimmer head works well for that as well as for the chest, and I keep my underarms trimmed, too. The “shaver head” which provides a closer cut works well on the back and crack of the bum. I don’t shave my chest smooth, but it has irritated my chest the few times I did.

I use a disposable razor to shave along the crease of my legs, the edge of my bush, as well as my scrotum and base of my cock. I don’t trust an electric razor not to nick me there, and it is very easy to just use a disposable razor while in the shower. Because I shave about every two or three days, there is no irritation, but there was a bit when I first began. You can shave with a sensitive skin shaving cream or gel, but I’ve found my regular soap works just as well. I am just careful to change my razors fairly frequently. I have had no problems—I’ve never nicked myself in 20 years or had an ingrown hair.