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Permanent Hair Removal on Head for Mens

Permanently / April 24, 2018

For many men who experience hair loss, shaving the head is a welcome alternative to hair restoration treatments or hair pieces. Many women enjoy a smooth, hairless head on a man, and celebrities from Michael Jordan to Vin Diesel have made the look popular. The trouble is, keeping a hair-free scalp requires a lot of upkeep, including shaving at least once and sometimes twice a day. That’s why laser hair removal for the scalp represents an intriguing, permanent alternative for men interested in sporting the cue ball look.

Like laser hair removal on other parts of the body, the process for scalp laser hair removal usually takes around six treatments to permanently remove all of the hair. The laser targets the hair follicle to slow the growth of the hair, and after repeat treatments, eventually impedes growth altogether. In addition, the same rules apply as far as complexion and hair color are concerned—fairer skin is easier to treat, as is darker hair. However, a trained professional can often successfully remove hair from scalps that are darker-complected, as well as lighter shades of hair color.

Laser hair removal for the scalp is more difficult to perform than treatments on other areas of the body, and may sometimes take more treatments than hair removal from, say, the chest. The head can sometimes be more sensitive than other areas of the body, as well, so patients can expect some discomfort during the procedure, which usually lessens after the first treatment. Just as with other areas, when laser hair removal is performed on the scalp, you may experience side effects such as redness, discomfort, or swelling.

While this procedure is becoming more readily available, many laser clinics still do not offer laser hair removal for the scalp, due to a lack of established protocol for the treatment. While in demand, this type of laser treatment is still in its infancy, so you’ll want to proceed with caution and ask plenty of questions before determining if laser hair removal on the head is the right choice for you.