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Cream / June 23, 2018

In the age of Instagram and YouTube beauty bloggers, it’s fascinating to scroll through a world of beauty hacks (and beauty blogger shaving cream hacks) we never knew existed. Hair masks made from avocado are just the beginning. There’s a whole world of DIY solutions available through social media. Some hit the mark, while others leave us clinging to our reliable, time-tested skin-care products. Take, for example, beauty star Maria Yeager, who has found herself in hot water after posting an unconventional tutorial demonstrating how to use men’s shaving gel as makeshift makeup remover. Presumably, this is a useful trick for the nights you’re sleeping over at the house of a special friend. You know, those times when you’re stuck without face wash and would rather not wake up with skin that looks like the angry, red Rocky Mountains, so you resort to the closest thing to cleanser. We’ve all been there.

Yeager’s Instagram tutorial, which has been viewed more than 450, 000 times, received mixed reactions from fans. One called it “so stupid and extra, ” while someone else added, “If people are too broke to afford baby oil or makeup remover they shouldn't be spending money on makeup." Point taken, but we’ll give Yeager props for getting creative with her routine.

It would be great (and incredibly inexpensive) if Yeager’s hack was all she makes it out to be. However, there are some serious cons to using shaving cream to clean makeup off your face. According to RealSelf contributor Sejal Shah, a New York City dermatologist, the gel might seem like an obvious choice because it’s been formulated for the face. But, after looking over the ingredient list, Shah identified a host of problematic, harsh ingredients: stearic acid, triethanolamine, glyceryl oleate, and isobutane, to name a few.

"The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, so my main concern would be that shaving cream is too harsh, " she tells Allure, noting that men don’t generally place shaving cream anywhere near their eyeballs. “The skin may become irritated, dry, flaky, and red. Besides the skin, the eyes themselves can become irritated."

It isn’t just red eyes you have to worry about, either. If you have a history of breakout-prone skin, the shaving gel might actually irritate it.

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“Interestingly, if your skin is oily, it may paradoxically produce more oil in response to sensing dryness. If you are acne-prone, your acne may flare [up], ” Shah explains.

So, your face definitely won’t fall off if you rely on this tip at a sleepover once in a while. After a long night on the town, it’s probably better than falling asleep in full makeup. (Please don't.) But, if you have the choice, a quality cleanser such as Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is a way safer option. Or, if you’re already half-asleep by the time you get home, you can remove dirt and pollutants with a wipe, like.

The best part of beauty is the freedom to try out new products and techniques, so Yeager probably had the best intentions with her beauty blogger shaving cream hack. Just plan to spend a few minutes scrolling through the ingredient list before you put anything on your face.

Source: www.allure.com