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Nads Cream for Mens

Cream / May 20, 2020

Great product I have very sensitive skin on my top lip and no other Products have worked without causing an adverse reaction. I used this last night and had no soreness/redness that I would normally. It did not smell horrid either and did a great job removing unwanted hair. I will be re purchasing and recommending :-)

Best product of its kind I would definitely recommend this product. I have used other similar products and always had a skin reaction afterwards, but this one has had no after effects at all and has removed all the unwanted hair easily. I have fair/medium hair. The instructions advise that the cream should be left on for no more than 10 minutes. I kept it on my chin for the full 10 minutes, but it did not remove all the coarser hairs. On my cheeks, I used the cream for 7-8 minutes. It was reasonably effective but my cheeks were sore and marked for a couple of days. I am in two minds about using it again on my cheeks, which were the reason I purchased the product in the first place.