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Best Waxing Cream for Mens

Cream / April 3, 2021

Photograph by Sebastian Kim

The difference between good hair and bad hair isn't what you're born with, it's how it's styled: Are you using the best hair products for men? Have you sorted through all the varieties (fiber, wax, cream, etc., etc.) and found the one that's right for you? Did you then compare all the different fibers to find the best? If not, don't worry. We did.

There’s good reason for all the product choices: They all achieve different results. You get entire spectrums of shiny or matte, of cement-like hold and flowing texture. Some should be applied to towel-dried hair, and others to dry hair.

Here’s an extensive look at the 12 best hair products for men. The style you wear now might have different demands than the one you want next, so educate yourself on what works best where. It’s important to know the difference between a clay and fiber, a paste and cream, a wax in damp hair or in dry hair (tricked you—waxes should never go in damp hair). It’s just as crucial to know how the benefits of salt spray, hair oil, and dry shampoo.

We’ve tested just about every possible hair product, and they’re never one in the same. As you brush up on your styling knowledge, check out our current favorite in each category below.


High hold, low to medium shine

Wax adds texture to barely-stylable short hair. Or, when applied directly at the roots, can deliver strong hold to styles around 2-3 inches. Anything longer, and you’ll want to swap it out for something lighter. It’s also a good finishing coat on longer, frizzy hair. Warm the wax in your fingertips, and very gently graze it over any strays, tucking them into place.


Medium hold, light shine when applied dry High hold, medium shine when applied damp

Every guy who styles his hair should stock a paste. It adds texture and definition to short and medium styles, when applied dry. It also gives you “touchable”, controlled hair when applied to towel-dried hair, meaning your pelt won’t feel suffocated despite the paste’s all-day staying power.