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Nads for Mens Hair Removal Cream

Cream / October 26, 2016

Over 25 years ago, Sue Ismiel created a solution for her daughters’ unwanted hair. Today that solution is known to the world as Nad’s Natural Hair Removal and is distributed worldwide.

“Finally, I had a product that worked! The amazing gel did not require heating or chemicals to work. While it was only designed with my daughter in mind, after trying it on other family members and my colleagues at the hospital, I was convinced to share it with the world.” - Sue Ismiel

As the demand for Nad’s grew so did the Nad’s range. Sue developed products specifically suited to a wide range of consumers’ needs and wants. There are over 18 products in the Nad’s hair removal range today available for both men and women including depilatory creams, wax strips, hard and warm waxes and precision applicators readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies. Nad's is the category innovator, launching World First product innovations including the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper, the Nad's Nose Wax and Nad's Ultra Smoothing Exfoliating Wax Strips.