Nair Hair Removal Cream - 13 oz: Beauty

Nair Mens Hair Removal Cream

Cream / May 27, 2021

By Andrew Severaid -

Men's Nair is a great product! If you are a hairy animal like me then this will change your life.
I have gotten extremely tired of shaving my body all the time. So I found this product and I can say that it is extremely easy to use and very effective. It saves me lots of time and money in comparison to shaving.
After using this product several times, I can say that the desired effect is exact.
It makes me look like I got waxed or as if i never grow hair at all on my body.
The hair stays off for me for a week or 2 which is way better than shaving every other day.

Pro tip: Make sure you use lotion after doing a heavy duty rinse. The chemicals are harsh on the skin and you need to moisturize.

-gets rid of the hair!
-faster than shaving
-makes me feel smooth
- bottle doesn't last very many times (maybe 3)
-can irritate/burn skin (avoid sun exposure for a day or 2)
-can make a mess of the shower
-somewhat of a distinct smell (neutral)

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By John Smith -

Not the best, by far. I won't lie, I bought this to cleanup my public area, even though it directs not to. I was tired of shaving. I had looked at other things like this, and I was going to buy ballsBALM, but I had insufficient funds on my Amazon gift card. This is the only product within the price. I got it, and used it immediately. 4 minutes, was definitely not enough for me. I applied to the top of my legs, chest/abdomen, and groin area (being extra careful). After the 4 minutes, I wiped some with my finger, no results. So, I waited 6. That took off some hair, no where near getting it at the root. But, I thought maybe I did something wrong. I applied Gold Bond lotion to avoid chemical burn the next day. As soon as the next day rolled around, I was eager to go again. I did, this time 8 minutes, making sure to fully cover everything. At the end of that, it took of a bit more. Repeating the process of before. I am now on my third day of use, and it still hasn't gotten completely everything. Only a small area. Maybe 1cm by 1cm. I am not really satisfied, and it doesn't meet the claims. For me at least. It drips, and is kind of concerning if it drips off you onto another part of your body. I would recommend for someone who has really thin hair on their body, and a person who is NOT looking for a clean hair removal.

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By wayne j. kozak -

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My skin is pretty resilient and not prone to irritation. However, it burned my skin and caused pretty drastic skin irritation long before it worked to remove hair. I tried this on several areas of the body and it didn't work about the same for each area. i have used other Nair products as well as different brands. Most of them worked pretty well and I don't understand why this one was more harsh.

By johnny4 -

This Nair product didn't work for me. My legs had stubble within 24 hours. I used 3/4 of the can in a single use, I'm 5'-7"; therefore it is also not very cost efficient. I'll stick with razors! I will mention that the smell wasn't as bad as some of the other reviewers state. And I have zero lingering odors from it. I showered after wiping down and made sure the tub was clean, but the stuff washes off fairly quickly with warm water. Also the sprayer only works well upright, and globs of the stuff sprays out when turned to the side or upside down.