Reasons For Men to Shave or Epilate Legs, Arms, Chest

Epilator Mens Hair Removal

Portable Hair Removal / September 14, 2022

epilator for menWhat’s the best epilator for men? Well, we can’t talk about epilators until you know what it is. It is an electrical device that looks a lot like an electric razor but it isn’t. Razors cut the hair as close to skin level as possible using a set of spinning cutting heads. Epilators actually grab the hair and pull it out by the root. It’s still a temporary hair removal process because it will grow back over time meaning you have to repeat the process on a recurring basis.

To give this some perspective, I’m sure the women in your life have spoken about waxing their bodies to remove hair. Well, it uses the same process as an epilator. The wax seeps down into the pores of your skin and solidifies around the hair follicles. When you pull the wax off, the hair comes with it, root and all. The epilator is the mechanical way to do the same thing using an electrical machine. Yes, it does have some pain associated with it. I’m sure you’ve used a pair of tweezers to pull one hair at a time out from around your nose and along the eyebrows. Hey, I saw you wince on that one. An epilator does the same thing, many hairs at a time.

best epilator for menOur choice is the Emjoi Emagine 4Men Epilator, Model AP-18MS. This device is a tweezer style epilator. It has the most tweezers, 72 of them, of any other epilator on the market. It’s also the first one that was designed specifically for men. One use provides 6 weeks of freedom from hair on the area of the body its used on. You use it in the privacy of you own home with help from your significant other whom you know and trust more than you would the person at the salon. According to the Emjoi website, these are the characteristics of the machine.

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