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Cream / March 10, 2021

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Method 1

Shaving Your Chest
  1. Decide on your look. Shaving is the tried and true method, but there are degrees in its severity. You can utilize a trimmer to manage (or even, dare we say, sculpt) your growth, or use a razor and take the whole of it completely off.
    • It’s a common misconception that shaving body hair will make it grow back thicker, coarser, darker, faster, and more plentiful, but this is not the case. Shaving cuts the hair, resulting in a blunter tip for the hair (which causes it to feel coarser), but this is not permanent and has no lasting effecting on the follicle.
  2. Trim electrically. Electric hair trimmers designed specifically for body hair are optimal if you just want to keep your chest hair under control. You should shower before doing any trimming, making sure to scrub your chest clean, and then try out your trimmer once you’re dry.
    • Trimmers come with multiple guards.Image titled Remove Chest Hair Step 3 Don’t be afraid of starting with a longer guard (usually a higher number), then switching to increasingly shorter guards until you find the right length.
    • Always begin shaving in the same direction as the grain of your hair, and then try running the trimmer against the grain of your hair. If irritation occurs when going against the grain, discontinue for a few days.
    • Although not necessary, many men prefer to use aftershave or moisturizer afterward to soothe the skin.
    • Subsequent trims will help you figure out how short you'd like to go, as you'll quickly become aware of the rate of your hair growth and how much upkeep you can handle.
  3. Spray shaving cream or gel onto your chest, and get to work! Take care around sensitive areas—two obvious ones being your nipples—and run your razor in the same direction that your hair grows. Apply aftershave to soothe your irritated skin, if necessary.
    • When you opt to take it clean off, however, you're also granted the "joy" of maintaining that perfectly smooth chest. There hasn't been a study yet finding chest hair regrowth stubble to be anybody's idea of attractive, and it can be itchy and painful for you while it grows back. Aloe vera can soothe the itch, but you'll have to regularly shave to avoid unsightly stubble.
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