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Mens Hair Remove Cream

Cream / December 16, 2020

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The Bottom Line


  • Works fast
  • Easy to do at home


  • Strong chemical smell
  • Left irritation
  • Some hair remained


  • Manufacturer: Avon
  • Usage: Hair removal cream (depilatory)
  • Average prices at time of review: $8.00 - $10.00
  • Options: 4.2 oz or 6.3 oz

Guide Review - Avon's Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream

Depilatories, or hair removal creams, work by breaking down the keratin bonds of the hair so that it can be wiped away. To do this, it requires strong chemicals. Therefore, I can't say that I ever get excited about a hair removal cream.

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I'll be honest and admit that I'm not a fan of depilatories. However, I reluctantly tried this one and was surprised.

The Process: Let's Try the Gams

I squeezed out enough product to cover both legs at once. I evenly applied a thick coat. The instructions said to leave the product on for between two and a half to ten minutes.

Since I'm very impatient, I tested the removal at three minutes. I used a damp washcloth and firmly pressed and swiped the product off. To my amazement the hair came off with it. I have coarse thick hair and I was expecting to have to leave the product on for the full ten minutes. I continued to remove the product and the hair went from the legs to the washcloth.

The 'Smell' of Basically Every Hair Removal Cream

I did not like the smell, it was very strong.

Although, I will give Avon this- it was not as bad as some of the nationally known products out there. It seems, no matter what, they're going to have that scent. It simply comes with the territory.

The Results

The product seemed to work okay, but I did notice some rogue hair that was hanging on for dear life after my shower.

My legs did not feel dry after using the product, which was good, but I noticed that I did have irritation the next day. I had red bumps for about three days.

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I was pleasantly surprised that the hair stayed away a day or two longer than shaving. That was a bonus. With shaving it is very short-lived, but you have so much more control on the razor, shaving cream, how you prep and using other products like pre shaving oil or aftershave, which affect your results. With depilatories, you can't do much of anything beyond choosing the product and follow directions.