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Mens Body Hair Remover

Body / August 30, 2020

If you think getting the men in your life to use moisturizer is tough, try body-hair removal cream. Nair's new depilatory cream is "specially scented" for men (meaning more of a woodsy-menthe chemical smell than a floral-candy chemical smell) and intended for use on arms, legs, chest, and back. Imagine your boyfriend, dad, or brother standing around the bathroom covered in the stuff—or asking for help with back application. Not happening, huh?

But clearly there's a market, so who, besides Olympic swimmers, would use this? (And ask yourself this: Would you want them to?) I asked the guys around the Allure office what they think of depilatory cream—and whether they'd ever try it.

"I would never in a million years use this. Then again, I'm not a hairy ape. I know a couple of men who have paid thousands of dollars for hair removal on their backs." —Patrick Rogers, features editor

"I would be afraid, very afraid. If I did have to swim competitively all of a sudden, and my life depended on it, Hunger Games-style, I'd likely shave rather than apply hair removal cream. I just did a story on manscaping for Allure, and some pretty big stars who are hair-free suggested that they were born that way." —Jeffrey Slonim, special correspondent

"I tried to wax my face once. I only got halfway through. It was a bloody, painful mistake." -David Cicconi, contributing photo editor

Source: www.allure.com