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Get Rid of Body Hair for Mens

Body / October 25, 2017

As a guy, you either take pride in your body hair or you’re insecure about it—there’s really no in-between. Now, there used to be a time when a man’s chest hair was something to brag about, a rite of passage for entering manhood, if you will. Those days are seemingly behind us.

In these modern times, more and more men are opting for a totally shaven look that extends beyond chopping off the facial hair. Grooming habits have naturally evolved, with some guys going to great lengths to remove every follicle of hair from their selves, including below the belt, where the sun seldom shines.

If you consider yourself to be an old school dude with OG grooming habits, unwilling to take a razor below the neckline, feel free to stop reading now and exit stage left. For the rest of you, the skin care experts over at Bevel have put together a helpful guide to keeping your body hair in check. Complete details here.

Source: www.complex.com