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Getting Rid of Body Hair for Mens

Body / April 24, 2017

Image titled Get Rid of Body Hair Step 1Shave your body hair. Shaving is the most basic method to get rid of body hair. You can buy a razor and shaving cream in most grocery stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations. Shaving is a fast and painless way to get rid of hair, however it doesn't prevent hair from growing back.

  • Unlike waxing, shaving does not hurt, but because of the sharp blades from the razor, you can cut yourself frequently.
  • Shaving only lasts for up to a week, until the hair is visible again. Some hair grows back within 1-2 days.

Open your pores with hot water. Open the pores to ensure a smooth shave by either submersing the skin to be shaved in a hot bath or taking a hot shower. If you shave as part of your shower routine, wait until the end (making sure the water is hot at least a few minutes before you begin) to begin shaving.

Wet the area you want to shave (for example, your leg). Apply shaving cream/gel liberally to the area you intend to shave and wait a few minutes for it to set in. This time is critical to ensure the skin is properly lubricated to protect against the razor. Cover the entire area you want to shave.

Take your razor and shave a line smoothly upward. Slowly run the razor across your hair. After 5-6 inches, rinse off the shaving cream and hair and repeat. Slowly (as slowly as you can) shave and with each stroke, wash the blade under hot water. Continue until your skin is smooth.
  • Make sure not to press to hard on your skin. Lightly graze it.
Moisturize your skin.Image titled Get Rid of Body Hair Step 2 You must moisturize to maintain your skin! Shaving removes the most superficial layer so skin is extra-sensitive to damage, but also will absorb moisture better, so take advantage of the time. Use moisturizers with vitamin E or shea butter to help soothe skin and keep it looking young.
  • If you need extra protection against razor burn, use an astringent cream or oil (usually containing an analgesic) to prevent irritation.

Method 2

  1. Try waxing your hair. Waxing strips out all of hair at once by pulling it out of you skin with a strong adhesive. Hair removal wax comes in two forms, a wax that you apply then press paper strips to, or strips with wax already stuck to them. This is often done at a salon, but you can buy at-home waxing kits as. Waxing is another relatively safe way to remove hairs, though it is not recommended around sensitive areas of skin as it can cause injuries, rashes and discomfort. Waxing is generally done on the chest, arms, legs and armpits.
    • Every time you wax, your hair gets thinner, so over time, you may barely have any hair on your body.
    • Waxing hurts, but the pain is brief.
    • Waxing can result in skin burns, irritation, and redness for hours after treatment. If you have sensitive skin, try looking for Sugar Wax, or Beeswax.Image titled Get Rid of Body Hair Step 3 Many salons have their own formula for wax, but don't be afraid to ask.
  2. Start with clean dry skin. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and exfoliate with bath salts or a loofah before drying to make sure to remove any moisturizers or natural skin oils and prepare the skin for waxing.
  3. Buy hair removal wax. You can buy cold wax strips or heatable wax, which must be warmed in the microwave and then applied to your skin. In general, the strips are much cleaner and easier to use, though they are less precise.
    • Consider sugar waxing. Sugar waxing is much like waxing, although it is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, then torn in the direction of growth. This causes the hair removal process to be less painful than waxing, but still may cause redness after treatment. This is often done at salons, but you can make your own sugar wax from sugar, water, salt, and lemon.
  4. Pull the skin taut with one hand. You want your skin to be tight so that wax does not get into creases or wrinkles, causing pain. Rub the wax strip in the direction of hair growth multiple times to ensure maximum adherence.
  5. Pull the wax strip in the direction opposite hair growth with the remaining hand. This is essential and necessary to remove the maximum amount of hair! If some is left behind, the same strip can be re-applied, rubbed and pulled in the same manner until the strip seems to lose its stickiness (you'll be able to tell by both the appearance-covered in hair, and the degree of stickiness: less sticky= more hair on strip that was already removed= less area to stick to remaining hair).
  6. Care for your skin before and after waxing. With waxing (unlike shaving), it is ESSENTIAL that you use an after-wax treatment, such as Tend Skin -a celebrity favorite! But any astringent with analgesic (for pain) will work. Aloe vera gel will also work.
    • Using aloe vera or tend skin 4 days before waxing can help make the hair easier to remove. Ibuprofin before hair removal can also alleviate pain and swelling.
    • Heavy exercise immediately after waxing is not recommended as it can irritate the skin. Swimming should wait at least 24 hours. Moisturize the area daily to soften new hair growth that could become ingrown if left unchecked.
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