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Removal of Body Hair for Mens

Body / May 2, 2020

Best Techniques For Men To Get Rid Of Body HairLets face it, body hair is downright embarrassing. It’s not easy for anyone to follow a regular removal regime, let alone men. But grooming is important in this day and age and men should be encouraged to make an effort to do it on a regular basis. There are some easy techniques for men to remove the unwanted hair so that they don’t hurt themselves and also not let their skin suffer during the process. Let’s take a closer look at them below, scroll slowly:

This is not just for women, men too can enjoy this easy-to-use technique which gives long lasting results. The best thing about it is that it can be done easily at home. Just apply the jelly like substance on the skin surface in the direction of the hair growth. Put a strip over it and pull off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. A couple of minutes and you would free your skin of the hair. An expert’s help should be taken when you decide to do it for the first time. It can get messy sometimes if not done properly, but otherwise is worth all the mess.

Is best for legs, underarms, arms, eyebrow, hair on neck and ears, and chest too.

Results can last anywhere between four to six weeks.

Don’t want to follow a monthly ritual? Then go for electrolysis. In this process, a tiny needle is inserted into a single hair shaft, one at a time, to kill the hair follicles with electricity shocks and make the place free of the unwanted hair growth. But it requires more than one sitting, as a small area is done at a time. Also, it is expensive, so get ready to indulge!

Is best for neck, brows, and genital hair. Since the last one is really painful, ask your doctor to use anesthesia.

Results are nearly permanent in this case.

Though men know what shaving is and have been doing it forever, this one is actually for the back and shoulder hair. Yes, you read that right. Buy a specially designed razor, pick the one that meets your requirements. With an apt shape, it removes hair from the back and shoulders easily. You can compare it to using a back scrub brush, if you like.

Is best for your back, shoulders, and buttocks. Do not put this into use at any other place.

Results can last as long as a few days.

A laser beam is released into the hair shaft, which kills the hair root but not the follicle. Therefore the hair may make a comeback, but the texture and the growth rate may not be the same. Men can have their chest, shoulders, and back hair thinned with this technique, which is getting more and more advanced with each passing day.

Is best for back hair, shoulders, stomach, and genital hair. BUT it is suitable only for light skin with dark hair.

Results can last for a long time, though one may need to get some touch-up treatments required after some time to maintain the results.

Most men think this method is just for women, but it’s not. There is Revitol hair removal cream for men available too. They are easy to use, no salon visit required, and remove the hair without causing any pain! The cream contains an ingredient that dissolves the proteins in the hair shaft and removes it pretty easily.

Is best for chest, back, arms, and legs. Use it around the genitals if you like, but at your own risk. The area is very sensitive and the cream may irritate it badly.