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Reducing Facial Hair for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / December 4, 2019

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerThough it's completely normal for men to have significant amounts of facial hair, you might find that you simply don't like yours, or that the amount you have is just too much. If this is the case, there are things you can do to stop facial hair growth temporarily and for good, depending on what your needs and preferences are.

Undergo an electrolysis procedure to put a stop to your facial hair growth. During this procedure, an electrified needle is placed on each hair follicle. This damages the follicle and prevents new hair from growing there. Since each individual hair will need to be treated, several treatment sessions are usually required to get the results you want.

Pluck out the unwanted facial hair. Use a good pair of sharp tweezers and yank out each hair in the direction that it grows to make for the least amount of discomfort possible. If too painful, apply ice to the area before plucking. This may be needed around sensitive areas like the nose and lips. This treatment will slow, but not eliminate, hair growth.

Undergo laser therapy to remove your hair and stop it from growing back. The treatment involves your dermatologist aiming a laser at your hair follicles and damaging them so they no longer grow hair. It will take several sessions to stop facial hair growth for up to a year.

Visit your doctor's office and get a prescription for eflornithine. Apply this cream to your skin to put a stop to hair growth in the application area. This will slow down hair growth to a crawl, effectively providing a solution for unwanted hair.