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Portable Hair Removal / April 30, 2018

Jean Paul Gaultier has been releasing Le Male flankers since the 1995 original became such a big hit. Until recent years, they have mostly been slight variants of the original, but Popeye Eau Fraiche takes a big step in a new direction. Part of what makes Popeye Eau Fraiche not only one of the best fragrances of 2016 but also the Editor’s Choice for Best Colognes is that it goes beyond being a new direction for Le Male but also creates a new direction for fresh scents. It’s not simply citrusy fresh, though the neroli adds a citrus freshness. It’s not just herbal fresh, though the mint and sage add an herbal freshness.

And it’s not simply fresh out of the shower, soapy clean, though it has a dominant sweet soapy accord to it. It is an evolution of all those things — creating the perfect blend of freshness entirely new to the senses. Moreover, with the iconic picture of Popeye the Sailor Man on the bottle, wearing the trademark Jean Paul Gaultier striped shirt, it is a sublime representation of the strength and masculinity the scent of Le Male Popeye Eau Fraiche has to offer. This was a great year for new fragrances and while every nomination is exceptional, what put Popeye Eau Fraiche over the top was the constant desire to return to the scent.

Even though it’s a fresh scent, its evolved nature makes it suitable for wearing on any occasion. While typically prominent in warm weather fragrances, the notes fuse in such a way that it can not only be worn any time of the year but it works really well all year long. Finally, even though you should first and foremost always choose a fragrance based on what’s best for your lifestyle, this is a huge compliment getter, and it’s always a bonus to receive compliments. For all these reasons, Le Male Popeye Eau Fraiche rightfully deserves this year’s Editor’s Choice Award in the Best Colognes category.