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Cream / February 8, 2021

I have found many errors within your “7 Nose Hair Removal Tips.”

I would like to point them out so that if you are one who appreciates the accuracy and integrity of your own word, then you might want to make some changes. If nothing else, more research is advisable.

First, let me point out how true your introduction is when you say that nose hairs are there for a reason. However, contrary to what the medical industry is touting, nose hairs are NOT a filter, by any stretch of the imagination. On one humorous side, this is proven by drug addicts, worldwide. But let’s get off the humor for a moment, and onto the seriousness of this issue.

If you examine a hair brush and compare it to your nose hairs you’ll find quite the similarity. A hairbrush will not stop grains of sand nor will it stop clumps of dust nor dirt 20 times their size. Those are however, the comparative sizes of dust particles, to nose hairs with a hairbrush.

Please see a website called pluckerline.com to get more details about how nose hairs are far too widely spaced to catch any dust particles much less particles 20 times their size.

One question I should pose is:
Have you ever heard of anyone waking up in the morning with blotches of dust gathered at their nostril openings, the same way you notice, when you clean your clothes-dryer’s, lint-trap? Have you ever seen the dust that is trapped within a furnace filter? Have you ever seen the dust that gathers in an automobile air filter?

If any of these filters had gaping holes anywhere near the comparative spacing between nose hairs, they would be a complete and utter failure. Such is the case with nose hairs. They have no capacity to filter any dust. None, what so ever.

My issue here is that nose hairs are NOT a filter for dust or any airborne particles. They are however, a bug blocker. We know this by the way our body reacts in almost a hysterical defense against any insect vibrations near it, even while we are sleeping.

I would also like to point out that children do not have nose hairs the same as adults. I have also found that people have discovered that removing their own nose hairs brings about a transition into a new form of nasal hygiene, which however is somewhat obscure to the general public, at this time.

You are right about nose hair waxing. It is painful and costly and time-consuming, however it lasts for a few weeks longer than any trimmer may perform.

Furthermore, I must add that nose hair trimmers are a hazard to our health. It’s not hard to relate to this fact. Most people who try them once, never use them again for the simple reason that using nose hair trimmers for most people, eventually results in severe pain and discomfort for weeks on end, even over one simple use.

Again, this is not what the medical industry touts. I contend again, that the medical industry is in business to make money. If they can get away with promoting lies which keep people in the dark about good healthy strategies like juicing, herbal remedies, proper diet, exercise and alternative therapies, they do it everywhere and all the time. I am sure you can relate.

Source: www.readytotransform.com