How To Remove Unwanted Hair Naturally At Home Without Using Cream

Natural Leg Hair Removal for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / February 17, 2019

Image titled Shave Your Legs (Male) Step 1Determine an end point. Consider how much of your legs you wish to shave. Although this may not be true for everyone, men’s legs tend to be just as hairy (if not hairier) the farther up they go, which makes knowing when to stop difficult. Think about the reason why you’re shaving your legs: is it for aesthetics or a practical purpose? Then take a look at yourself naked in the mirror and decide where would be a suitable place to stop.

  • Consider how much of your legs and above will be visible to other people. ?Image titled Shave Your Legs (Male) Step 2 Do you change clothes in locker rooms frequently? Is someone special going to be seeing you naked?
  • If you’re shaving for aesthetic reasons (dancing, bodybuilding, modeling, or plain old preference), you will most likely want a very smooth shave along your entire legs and possibly your genitals and rear as well.
  • If it’s for a practical purpose, like swimming, running, or preparing for medical treatment, you don’t have to worry so much about how you look. However, depending on how long you plan to keep your legs shaved, you still may want to consider their appearance if this is going to be a long-term practice.
Trim your leg hairs. If this is your first attempt at shaving your legs, use scissors or an electric groomer to shorten your hairs before using a razor, which would clog up pretty quickly if you were to shave your legs immediately. For a quick and easy job, use an electric groomer if you have one. If possible, go outside in your shortest pair of shorts, since this will be messy.Image titled Shave Your Legs (Male) Step 3 Otherwise, spread one or more large towels on the floor and stand on those for an easy clean-up afterward.
  • If you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles, feel free to take care of your private areas in the great outdoors, too. If not, retreat inside once your legs are done and then finish up with a towel spread on the floor to catch the falling hairs.
  • If you’re only shaving your legs for athletics, this step alone may suffice for your purposes. Depending on how thorough you wish to be, this may also be all you need to do as far your private areas go.
  • Remove the groomer’s skin guard for the closest shave possible.
Take a shower.Image titled Shave Your Legs (Male) Step 4 Rinse off any trimmed hair that may still be clinging to your legs. Hydrate the remaining leg hair to weaken it for an easier shave. Remove any dirt or grime that may clog your razor or possibly infect any shaving nicks. Exfoliate your legs by rubbing a loofa over your skin in soft circles.
  • Pay special attention to your thighs and any other sensitive area.
  • If a shower is unavailable, wash, exfoliate, and rinse your skin with a bowl of water. Then wrap your legs with warm, wet towels and let them hydrate your skin for a couple of minutes.
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