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Body Laser Hair Removal for Mens

Body / May 12, 2018

Many men suffer from the unwanted appearance of hair on their back or chest. If you are tired of shaving or feel embarrassed telling people that you get waxed, then a permanent alternative for you may be laser hair removal. This treatment can be done on the face or body with the use of a low-energy laser directed at the target area to kill the root of the hair follicle, allowing for smooth, hairless skin.

Dr. Korman recommends this to patients with dark, coarse hair because the lasers respond best to darker pigments. For optimal results, multiple treatments are necessary, but they require no downtime. Following laser hair removal, men are able to go to the beach without worrying about having a hairy chest or back that could turn off a potential love interest. Smooth, hairless skin boosts the confidence of our male laser hair removal patients and leaves them feeling great about themselves.

This laser treatment gives you a convenient, efficient opportunity to remove your hair for a last time and forever enjoy a smooth back, chest or face. Contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View facility today to schedule an appointment to address all questions, concerns and be on your way to a sleek body.