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Hairless Cream for Mens

Cream / June 27, 2019

City Centre blogger Katie Butler puts men through the waxing challenge

A new hair removal gel cream has had rave reviews on Amazon and Twitter - despite many warning it leaves you in excruciating agony.

Many who have tried Veet for Men have taken to social media to share the funny anecdotes of their first attempts at hair removal techniques.

Television host Davina McCall even tweeted the link as she said it had her in stitches reading the hilarious reviews.

Scroll down to see Manchester's men take the hairless challenge...

One want-to-be-hairless man wrote: “This should come with a warning to keep a bucket of iced water to hand as the possibility of spontaneous human combustion runs high with this product. It didn’t get rid of the hair but managed to replicate the sensation akin to being burned alive.”

City Centre blogger Katie Butler puts men through the waxing challenge

'Giving up hope'

Another wrote: “How can something sting for such a long time? I couldn’t bare it any longer, I dropped the bicarb on the floor to create a powdery mess at my feet.. Tears almost in my eyes I was giving up hope, then the worst thing happened, the misses was back, EARLY!? I made a dash hobbling for the stairs but she was already standing in the hall, I cannot describe the look she gave me that day, stood stark naked with clumps of hair dangling off me, powder all over my lower half and tears filling my eyes.”

An amused shopper called Adele wrote: “Why oh why don’t you daft beggers read the instructions .it clearly says not to be used on the face or genitals .but laugh - I most certainly did - if you hairless baldies aren’t in to writing then you should think about it - they were so funny.”

How would Manchester's men cope?

So we took to the streets of Manchester to see how men cope with the pain of hair removal - trying out waxing on theirs arms.

So let’s see if Mancunian men can deal with the pain.

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Friends Sean and Andy who both live in the city centre were first up to take on the challenge.

Sean, 25, was a little reluctant at first but as soon as Andy, 35, agreed he was more than happy to step up and have his arm waxed.

The pair said it wasn’t too painful and didn’t realise what all the fuss was about. They then both looked impressed at how much hair had come out of their arms and their new found smooth skin.

Suleman Arif, 20, and friend, Umar Sharif, 18, both from Halifax, were keen to try the challenge.

But they all said it was it wasn’t as painful as they imagined. So from that day’s research, the men of Manchester are tough when it comes to hair removal. Or maybe it was the camera in their faces that kept them quiet...