Best Body Groomer for Men, Reviewed - Plus - 2017 Manscaping Guide

Mens who Shave Body Hair

Body / August 31, 2019

In a recent survey we conducted, we found that 83% of the men we spoke to trimmed some or all of their body hair. In the chart above*, you’ll see the breakdown of who shaved what. Ears, eyebrows and noses made a predictably high showing, but the next-highest body part on the list was the groin area by a strong margin. Nothing else even came close, in fact: The nearest competition were the armpits and chest, which saw 50% fewer guys whacking the weeds in those areas. The back, meanwhile, saw even less attention, and as for arms and legs, it seems most guys are content to leave them to their own devices.

Despite the surprisingly high number of men trimming, shaving and sculpting, the same survey found that waxing is still a comparative rarity for men, with only 13% saying they have ever tried it. For those who do wax, however, the results are almost reversed, with slightly more guys waxing their chests and backs than their groins.

With traditional manscaping, of course, can come post-manscape prickle, which is why we’ve previously reached out to an expert in the (neatly trimmed) field to get tips on both treating and preventing that itchy aftermath to a close downstairs shave. You’re welcome.