Should Fashionable Men Do With Their Body Hair?

Mens with Body Hair

Body / November 28, 2020

Body hair: It’s what separates the men from the boys. However, it can also be what distinguishes between the well groomed and the slovenly, so be sure to follow these quick pointers when whipping out your razor for the day.

Do: Regularly replace your razorblade. Whether you pride yourself in owning a fancy little electronic razor with rotating blades or you keep a steady stock of disposable razors, you will get the best shaves from using fresh blades. However, be sure to shave more cautiously every time you whip out that fresh blade, since it should be significantly sharper than the one that it is replacing. While a close shave is always ideal, skin that looks like you got in a fight with your neighbor’s pet cat is not.

Don’t: Shave yourself to the point you resemble a hairless rat. You are a man, and with the exception of male models and swimmers, men are expected to have body hair. However, this does not mean that you can’t thin out regions if necessary—just don’t pluck yourself to be completely hair free. If you do choose to ignore this advice, you will be stuck with a very tedious hair-removal routine for the rest of your life.

Do: Use MenScience Advanced Shave Formula. There’s no reason to suffer through awkward breakouts if they can be avoided; MenScience Advanced Shave Formula contains the gentlest ingredients to ensure a clean shave without ingrown hairs and other irritation. You want to improve your appearance through shaving — not make it worse by using the wrong shaving cream.

Don’t: Shave designs. Just because you’re a man and are expected to have body hair doesn’t mean that you should turn that hair into your own art canvas. Besides, you’re probably not the artist you think yourself to be anyways. And whatever you do, don’t shave an arrow pointing down to your junk – that’s just tacky.

Do: Consider thinning out your back and shoulder hair. While some body hair is certainly considered normal, you may need to start thinking about thinning out your back or shoulder hair if people mistake you for a rug when you’re lying shirtless on the ground. Not only will this improve your physical appearance, but it will also keep you considerably cooler during the summer months as well.

Don’t: Braid anything, anywhere. With the exception of mythical dwarves, men have no business with plaiting any of their body hair into braids. Doing so will not score you any points with anyone, except for maybe a lawn gnome.