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Mens Body Hair Removal Cream

Portable Hair Removal / January 3, 2022

Around 70% of men remove body hair but they often feel embarrassed about removing body hair from their legs, arms, back, ears, nose, genitals, hands etc. because historically, being hairy has been associated with being manly. However, most men do not want to be yetis, especially if they are healthy, sporty, athletic guys or men that care about the way their body and skin looks and feels.
Luckily there are specially designed products for men wanting smooth hairless skin quickly without fuss. Male body Hair trimmers cut and trim hair in even the most intimate places on the male body. The best all-round trimmer for nose and ear hair is the Groom Mate Platinum XL which is easy to use, small and compact needing no batteries or electricity. It works by hand-rotating for safe, gentle hair removal. It’s best to use a hair trimmer like the Seiko Shavy Femini or a Remington Body Hair Trimmer before shaving or waxing if the body hair is quite long. The Remington Titanium / Nano Silver BHT4000 Men’s Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver has two attachment heads for trimming and shaving and can be used both dry and wet in the shower. This Remington Trimmer is sensitive and safe enough to use all over the body except for the face, even on the groin area and provides totally pain free hair removal.
Shaving or waxing difficult to reach parts of the body like the back has always been challenging and men are often too embarrassed to ask for help and don’t want to pay expensive beauty salon fees. There is a new hair removal invention perfect for solo back shaving that’s safe and easy to use and very affordable. The Razorba acts as an arm extension, firmly holding any razor so you can reach over and shave your own back! The most popular razors among Razorba users are the Gillette Fusion, and Gillette M3 Power but any razor will fit into the specially designed head of the Razorba for a smooth, close shave in just five minutes (even electric shavers).

Waxing is the best long-term hair removal but is sometimes a little painful which is why some men prefer using depilatory products like Andre which melt the hair beneath the skin's surface, leaving skin hair free for about three weeks. Depilatories are pain free and hair re-growth after removing hair with a product like the best-selling men’s depilatory cream, Andre is smoother and slower than after shaving. Depilatory creams are not 100% natural and not suitable for face or genital areas but are an excellent option for removing hair from the chest, back, arms and legs. An alternative 100% natural product containing sugar, water, chamomile, and aloe vera but no waxes or chemicals is Moom for Men (M4Men). Enriched with essential oils and skin-enhancers for a simple all-in-one hair removal system, Moom is ideal for men with sensitive skin but like waxing, is not suitable for use on the genitals as it would be too painful.

For removing pubic or genital hair it’s best to trim long hairs to stubble length (Seiko Shavy Femini) then smooth away stubble with the Seiko Clean cut shaver, a perfectly round foil shaver ideal for shaving every part of the crotch area, including the scrotum (sack), testicles and pubic area. For longer hairs, Intimate hair removal kits such as the Clean cut work best as they can tacke longer hair. The first step would be a large trimmer such as the Philips Bodygroom (the Philips Bodygroom is twice the size of the Shavy Femini) which will remove the longer hair followed by the Shavy Femini Trimmer to reach those awkward places and finish with the Clean cut Shaver.
A specialised aftershave balm like Kalo Post Shave Treatment can be applied after shaving to eliminate unsightly bumps, irritating pain, ingrown hairs and soreness. By applying a hair inhibitor cream (also by Kalo) hair re-growth can be slowed down and often stopped completely. Hair inhibitors work at the root and are best for use after waxing; laser or electrolysis but hair inhibitors can also be used after shaving with slower results.
When using a new hair removal treatment it is advisable to do a patch test on a small skin area first. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of treatments but always check compatibility if you use more than one product with chemical ingredients on the same area.

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