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Body / February 2, 2021

how to shave your butt for men

How Do I Shave My Buttocks?

Having hair on your buttocks – including the area around the anus is normal. If you believe in, you already know that millions of years ago, we were likely a much furrier bunch. While we may not be as hairy as our simian ancestors, many of us still have plenty of hair on our tails.

To be sure, body hair does serve a purpose. It keeps us warm when it’s cold and helps to regulate body temperature. The hair on our bums is nature’s way of preventing chaffing while acting as a barrier between skin and hot/cold objects. Maybe that’s why this area of the body is so sensitive?

I decided about this topic because male grooming and personal appearance seem to come up from time to time with my clients. This is particularly true among my male clients who are body builders and want to remove body hair for competition reasons and for the dudes who just want it off their bod.

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Rather than send these individuals a bunch of emails that cobbled together material on how grooming can be done for this area of the body – I decided to do the research and write it myself. Perhaps unconventional but when I created this, I promised readers I wasn’t going to hold anything back. After all – this is a men’s blog. And the truth is I’ve been writing about these kinds of issues in popular men’s health magazines for years.


Shave Your Buttocks?

While many men like their body hair, a good number of guys want to look and feel smooth “back there”. For body builders and others involved in athletic sports, this makes sense when you consider that less hair can mean less sweating and odor. If you hit the gym regularly, you know exactly what I mean. Just keeping it real folks!

mirror for shaving buttocksOne of the main reasons guys choose to keep their buttocks smooth is because their partners find it attractive – similar to how some people like . That may seem silly but it’s true. When you think about it, there is nothing more appealing than a smooth behind.

Finally, some of the added benefits of removing hair from this part of the body is the end result can make you feel clean and fresh. If you already are shaving your genitals and have experienced the pleasure that comes from it, you know exactly what I mean. And don’t be modest folks – lots of guys trim parts of their bodies to show off muscles and !

Buttocks Shaving: What Supplies Do I need?

While it may seem intuitive that you simply need a good razor to make your bum smooth, it really is a bit more involved than that. What follows are a list of the supplies that you will need.

Shaving Hair Removal Tools

One of the first tools you will want to pick up in an electric razor, also referred to as a body groomer. You will use the groomer to shave the “melon” part of the buttocks – meaning the round areas of your behind (aka cheeks). This hair removal tool should not be used around the anus.

Mangroomer Platinum Pro Body Groomer

One of the best products on the market is the “”. What’s nice about this hair removal tool is that offers a multi-function neck that can get into hard to reach places, like the curvature of your buttocks.

It’s a best seller on Amazon and can also be used to remove body hair from other parts of the body, such as the back and chest area. I happen to like it because the tool can trim and shape, allowing for 7 different settings to fit your needs.

how to shave your buttocks showerConair Trimmer

If you happen to be a guy that doesn’t have a lot of fur on your buttocks or if you really just want to concentrate on the hair around your anus, you might want to pick up a for Men.

What’s nice about this particular hair removal tool is how easy it is to use. It’s light and easy to pack away for vacations and business trips. You will find the Conair Trimmer has two long blades and does a great job of trimming down the fuzz.

Many guys use this particular device with the Mangroomer that was previously mentioned. This is a great choice for those who do not want to use a manual razor on the skin.


There’s no getting around it – if you want a really good shave that gives you the end result of a smooth buttocks, you are going to need to pick up a package of razors.

There are tons of razors on the market to choose from but I would recommend something of high quality with proven results. An example of this would be the Gillette Fusion. Each razor has five blades that are sure to get every last hair you are trying to remove.

To save yourself some money, you might want to order the directly from amazon because they sell them in bulk.

Shaving Gel for Men

One of the most important items you will need for a proper buttocks shaving is shaving gel. The folks at Gillette make a really great product called . You can pick this up at almost any drugstore or you can order directly online.

shave your buttocks razorWhat’s nice about using this gel is that it is easy to apply, simple to shave off and relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Shaving Mirror

Obviously, you are going to need to see what you are shaving and so having a handheld mirror will be an important. You can buy one of these at virtually any supermarket or drugstore. Your significant other may even have one under the sink (look and see!).

Shaving Antiseptic

One of the reasons some men fear shaving their buttocks and other parts of the body is because they fear they may irritate the hair follicles or cause an infection. If you use a dirty razor and don’t use an antiseptic afterwards – then yeah – you are asking for problems.

To help you reduce any potential skin irritation and minimize a bacterial infection, do yourself a favor and pick up a dispenser of The Cool Fix by Shaveworks. The nice this about this product is that is has three benefits: 1. Disinfects skin, 2. Conditions; and 3. Cools.

Other Buttocks Shaving Supplies

In addition to the above mentioned items, you are also going to want to pick up the following:

1 Body Powder

2 Exfoliation Clothe

Body Powder

The body powder will be used after you are all done shaving. Using a powder will help keep your skin fresh and well ventilated. You can buy something cheap like body powder or invest a little more in a quality product, like Ultimate Comfort Body Powder with Aloe. It’s free of talc and will protect your skin and hair follicles against chaffing.

Exfoliation Clothe

An exfoliation clothe is used to keep the skin free of debris and keep hair follicles clean for when new hair grows (and it will grow back!). A fairly inexpensive one can be purchased online at Amazon. It’s the Asian that comes in a pack of green and red.

1. Take a hot shower

I recommend that you take a warm to hot shower and use really good anti-bacterial soap, such as Dial. Make sure that you thoroughly clean yourself and lather up your entire buttocks area, including around the anus.

FYI: Avoid taking a bath for this step. Think about it for a moment. If you are sitting in hot bathwater with soap, are you really going to be able to rinse off bacteria that has been accumulating in the bathwater? Showering is a much more sanitary approach.

2. Use a NEW razor for cheeks (Manual Style)

The second step is to open up that package of razors and pull one out. Never, ever shave yourself with a used razor. If you do this, you run the risk of a bacterial infection, such as staph. And no – rinsing your razor under alcohol or soapy water isn’t guaranteed to kill the bacteria. Just don’t do it!