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Hair Removal Laser Groupon for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / May 11, 2022

Man and woman on beachAthens offers our Plano Texas clients a unique experience of the best Laser Hair Removal in Plano. Just 10 minutes North on Hwy 75 off Stacy Rd. The Village at Allen and Fairview is a great place to spend your lunch hour or a special evening. Call us today at 972-468-9779. When thinking Plano Laser Hair Removal, think Athens!

June specials include Fathers Day discounts! 60% Off all Men’s Packages. That is huge and the biggest saving on packages all year. Men’s Back Laser Hair Removal is very popular and also Men’s Chest Laser Hair Removal.

There are many hair removal treatments and locations to choose from. You can checkout Groupon deals in the Plano area. They offer competitive prices for their treatments. They usually have small, medium, or large areas that include 6 treatments. A few things to think about when purchasing a Groupon deal for .

1. Number of Groupon deals sold. Each deal sold equals 6 visits to the laser center. Count how many deals sold, say for example there were 1000 packages sold. That equals 6000 treatments over 48 weeks. That’s about 25 new clients per day for that time-period.

Just imagine the scheduling challenges and the extra staff required to handle more clients. The larger laser centers could handle a clientele increase but I’d be concerned with the small laser centers; can they really handle that many clients? Make sure and do your homework.

2. The length of time the offer is good for. Remember each treatment should be spaced out from 6-8 weeks apart. If they recommend anything outside of those time parameters than you will miss the hair growth cycle. Make sure the treatments don’t have to be completed in a shorter period of time.

3. Types of Lasers used. Make sure the lasers are not IPL. The IPL is a great laser but not the best of Laser Hair Removal. Results may vary as some people have had great results but most results are poor at best.

The true lasers: The Nd: Yag is capable of treating all six skin colors, although its best on the darker skin types and is very successful. The Alexandrite laser has a shorter wavelength system 755 nm, and in my opinion the best for clients with lighter skin and darker hair. My clients have been so satisfied with their results.

Pricing, you really need to do your research. Many Laser Centers offer great prices and are very upfront with you. Make sure you don’t have to go through the same routine you go through when purchasing a car. When calling to inquire about Laser Hair Removal, Laser Centers should be able to quote a price over the phone.

Why would you have to visit their Laser Center first before knowing how much a treatment or package would cost? Because some of the more well-known laser centers use pressure selling tactics to get you to purchase very expense treatments. Don’t let them pressure you into purchasing laser hair removal.

Athens Laser Hair Removal is very close to Plano and is well worth the Trip! Check out our prices HERE. Also check out the Nationwide prices on average HERE. If you would like more information on what Laser Hair Removal should cost check it out.

At Athens we are up front with our prices and we want you to understand the investment required before you call to set up an appointment or visit our location in the Village at Allen in Allen Texas.

Make sure you are getting what you pay for and that you are well educated on the hair removal process and you have feedback from clients of the Plano laser hair removal facility.

Athens Laser Hair Removal is very close to Plano and offers the best laser and treatment packages. Clients have had outstanding results and continue with other body areas because the treatments are so successful. See us in the Village at Allen.

Read more about our treatments for men here:

Visit local pages for McKinney and Frisco

Plano is one of the largest cities in the Dallas Fort Worth area and there are many fun activities to do with your family, your significant other or just by yourself. Laser hair removal in Plano is common today and there are many Groupon opportunities.

One needs to be careful when purchasing Plano laser hair removal deals because its not like buying a cheese burger at a good price. Laser hair removal requires at least 6 treatments. And the treatments need to be performed within a set timeframe.

Not all Plano Med-Spa’s can handle a large influx of clients, which may have an effect on treatment schedules. Make sure you read the fine print regarding the areas getting treated. Is it both underarms or just one? It should be both underarms of course but there are some Laser hair Removal centers that provide treatments per body area. Make sure the Laser is the correct type for your skin.

Sometimes Plano Med-Spas use only one laser that can accommodate all skin types. If the ND: YAG Laser is used, it can treat all skin types but its results on lighter skin is not as effective as other lasers. The most effective laser for lighter skin in the Alexandrite laser and is perfect for darker hair and pale skin.

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