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Best Hair Removal Laser Machine for Mens

Machine / November 6, 2017

If you anything like me, your a woman on the go and you need to look pristine, sleek and hairless all year long. You’ve found your answer in IPL or Laser for permanent hair reduction but getting it done professionally can cost you in the thousands (don’t forget that you tend to get hooked after you remove hair from the first body part and we all know that hair doesn’t just grow in one place!). The answer for our hair removal lies in a rapidly growing industry of home Laser and IPL machines. But don’t worry, as this industry is gaining momentum, so are regulations to watch out for our safety also.

Note: I am constantly updating the site and answering everyone’s questions on a regular basis (as you can see by the comments below, they are endless!) about hair removal machines, so you need not to worry, the site is updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017.

After doing a lot of research and spending a ton of money on these machines and devices (all in the name of beauty), I have come up with a list of the ‘best hair removal machines’ for this year (and have updated the list for subsequent years also) that are not gimmicks and really do work (the last thing we want is to spend our money on a box of plastic).

So be rest assured that I have personally used these 5 machines in my own home. And yes I do have 5 machines! I know, but I have bought them over many many years and I use them for different parts of my body because they serve a purpose in each area (do you get me?!? wink: think of the pubic area compared to the facial region). and no you don’t need to buy 5 machines, you only need to buy 1 (sigh of relief!

Choosing the best hair removal machine is determined by many factors such as safety, effectiveness, settings, price, customer service, cartridge life, machine life and ensuring that the most important questions are answered such as: does the hair removal machine work on dark hair, red hair, blonde hair and also does the hair removal machine work on dark skin or fair skin. All these questions have been answered below!

So, this is what I have come up with which I coin as ‘Gabby’s Top 5 Recommended Laser and IPL Home Hair Removal Machines’, read on to find the best at home laser hair removal device for you!

Top Pick – #1 Best Hair Removal Machine on the Market for 2017

You know that the product is good when it gets recommended by Dermatologists. Well, Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is that product! It has been recommended by many dermatologists as the best laser hair removal device to use at home.

This is the newest machine for me and I can guarantee from buying this machine that I probably won’t need another one for a while (which is a relief for my wallet, and boyfriend I might add :). I have had it for a good year now. I know this sounds simple and it may be product development 101, but the company which manufactures Tria really listens to its customers. The design is great (and funky), it has a digital display and 5 different settings.

Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $600 – $1, 000

  • For US & Rest of World:
  • For UK & Europe:
  • For Australia: (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you out)

Source: safelaseripl.com