Pomades Vs Wax Vs Gel Vs Clay | Comparing Mens Hair Products

Hair Removal Device Comparison for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / September 13, 2022

Buy and try a Silk'n hair removal device. If after using Silk'n for 10 weeks you don't find it better than shaving, we'll refund your money and buy you razors for a year. That's how sure we are you'll love Silk'n.

Important Note

Silk'n hair removal devices do not work on all skin colors and hair types. Please see below to see if they are right for you.

− Official Rules −

Purchase is necessary to participate

To take the Silk'n not shaven Challenge, participants must purchase a Silk'n hair removal device direct at Silkn.com or from an authorized Silk'n retailer by December 24, 2016. A list of unauthorized resellers is provided below.

Any returns must be made in accordance with individual retailer policy. Silk'n hair removal devices are available at Silkn.com and at select retailers.

If purchased within the designated purchase period of September 23, 2016 and December 24, 2016, and used for a period of ten weeks, you don't find Silk'n better than shaving, contact Silk'n Customer Service for information on how to return the device, receive a full refund and a year's worth of razors.

  • Any questions on how to participate, call the Silk'n Customer Service Department­ at 1-877-DO-SILKN (367-4556)
  • If you purchased your Silk'n hair removal device directly from Silkn.com and would like to return your device, contact the Silk'n Customer Service Department at 1-877-DO-SILKN (367-4556). YOU MUST HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE.
  • Silk’n provides all customers participating in the Silk'n Challenge with a 90 day money back guarantee for any Silk'n Hair Removal device purchased online at www.Silkn.com.

Terms and conditions:


The Silk'n not shaven Challenge is sponsored by Home Skinovations Ltd, makers of Silk'n and operators of Silkn.com. This challenge is governed by these official rules ("Official Rules"). By participating in the challenge, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and understands that the results of the challenge, as determined by Sponsor, are final in all respects.

This challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with independent Silk'n retailers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or any other social media or commerce sites on which Silk'n is currently active and available to consumers. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to the Sponsor, not retailers, social media or commerce platforms.


The Challenge is open to adults who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of purchase and have the appropriate skin tone and hair color for Silk'n Home Pulsed Light® technology.

Silk'n hair removal technology does not work on dark brown or black skin.

Red, white, grey or blonde hair color types do not respond well to treatments.

Hair types that respond wellto treatments include darker hair colors, black and dark brown respond the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond, and may require more treatments.

Silk'n hair removal devices come with a built-in Skin Color Sensor that is designed to measure the skin tone of the applied surface and enable application only on suitable skin tones. This unique safety feature will disable treatment if your skin is too dark or too tanned.


SILK'N has the right to adjust or shut down the challenge at any time.



Unauthorized resellers excluded from the Silk'n not shaven Challenge are defined as but not limited to:

Unauthorized Amazon.com online resellers

  • Daily Deals
  • IShopHappy
  • Camera Inc.
  • Urban Inspirations
  • Simple Spot
  • BKKT
  • Buyherepayme
  • General Beauty Store
  • Cosmos Planet

Unauthorized online resellers

  • Overstock.com
  • Rakuten.com
  • Dealkings.com
  • Blowfish-ltd.co.uk
  • Silkn'noutlet.com
  • Main Buys LLC
  • DHgate.com
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Source: www.silkn.com