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Hair Removal Device that Work for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / July 13, 2020

If you have a darker skin complexion, it is not usually possible to remove hair using light pulses. A light skin tone paired with darker hair is the best combination for this type of treatment. If the skin is too dark, the light pulses cannot distinguish between the skin tone and hair colour. Pulsed light hair removal is often not recommended for men with darker skin tones.

But Silk’n Glide Men Only is different. This device is suitable for use with a wide range of skin tones, including darker complexions. The skin and hair colour chart below shows which skin and hair types are suitable for treatment. Alternatively, check the packaging to see if you fit the bill!


The sun changes your skin tone and gives you a darker complexion. Most salons would advise against light pulsed hair removal if you wish to remove body hair after sunbathing. But Silk’n Glide Men Only is different once again. Suntanned skin is no problem when it comes to removing unwanted hair. All you need to do is set Glide Men Only to energy level 1 (the lowest level). It is recommended to protect your skin at all times when out in the sun. After treatment, apply sun cream with an SPF of 30 to your skin in order to prevent sunburn.