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Hair Reducer Cream for Mens

Cream / May 8, 2019

I am a 16-year-old male and have a really hairy unsightly back.

I am too embarrassed to go swimming or sunbathe because of it. It has really affected my confidence.

I have looked at laser treatment but don't know if this is a good option.


Some of the hair removal methods that women use would be just as suitable for male use.

  • Depilatory creams – these can be bought from all chemists and pharmacies and can be used in the privacy of your own home, although they are a little messy and you really need somebody else to apply them to your back. Also if the hair is particularly coarse, removal may not be complete.
  • Sugaring and waxing – these methods will remove hair completely for a time, although the procedure is somewhat uncomfortable depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated and the experience and technique of the practitioner. Over a period of time, these methods of hair removal can lead to a weakening of the hair growth, resulting in thinner and finer hairs.
  • Laser treatment – this is still predominantly a private option and cannot always be considered a permanent cure.
  • Electrolysis – this can be available on the NHS, but you would need a referral through your GP.

Most practitioners for beauty treatments are best found through word of mouth.


Some independent practitioners may refuse to treat men because of concerns about personal security, but larger beauty clinics will normally have no problems treating men so do not be embarrassed to ask.