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Cream to Stop Hair Growth for Mens

Cream / October 18, 2019

Starting a Hair Loss Treatment Regimen

When you hear about a new treatment – the only thing that matters is the ingredients, and the data supporting them. Hair can be thickened anywhere it’s still growing. Therefore a hair loss treatment regimen is worth pursuing for all types of loss.

Do you need to keep taking these treatments forever?

Yes, but try not to get depressed about this. You do things every single day which prevent decline in your health.

You brush your teeth daily to avoid tooth decay. You shower daily, take vitamins daily, and hopefully exercise at least 3x a week to keep your body in optimal working condition. Treating hair loss is just another thing you’ll add to the list and after awhile, you won’t even notice it.

Treatments Regimen

How Long Does it Take For Results?

Hair cycles in growth and dormancy phases every few months. The process of miniaturization therefore takes years. Reversing this process takes years as well. And this is why most guys never succeed at it.

They expect results in 3 months, see some initial shedding, and throw in the towel.

But not you. You’re smarter than they are. And that’s why you’re going to see results.

Treatments take time. Improved results are seen with each new 3-5 month cycle, and peak hair growth is typically not seen until the 2 year mark. It’s at this point that you can expect to plateau at whatever level you’ve attained. And by that point if you’re on a proper set of hair loss products, you should be happy with your results.