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Stop Hair Growth on Body for Mens

Body / September 29, 2020

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerMen experience hair growth in a variety of areas including the back, chest, arms, legs and pubic region. Getting rid of this unwanted hair is stressful for some men. When the area is shaved, results last as little as one to three days, according to Other treatment options such as hair removal creams, waxing and electrolysis can stop hair growth in men. Understanding these alternatives will assist you in choosing the right product for your situation.

Pluck hairs using tweezers. Plucking hairs is best for small areas of skin. When you pull hairs out, the skin stretches and pulls the hair completely out. Hair growth stops for three to eight weeks, according to

Apply hair removal creams. These creams, which are also called depilatories, work to remove a man's hair by reacting with proteins in the hair. Existing hair dissolves and you can wash away easily. Hair removal creams last up to two weeks, according to Apply as directed to remove unwanted hair.

Use waxing treatments to stop hair growth. Waxing supplies and kits are available for purchase at most pharmacies. Following instructions, apply the hot wax to the affected area. Use the cloth strips included in the kit to quickly remove hair. If you have difficulty with waxing at home, visit a salon. Professionals are trained in removing hair and minimizing the pain associated with waxing.

Undergo electrolysis to get rid of hair in small areas of the body. During an electrolysis appointment, your doctor will insert small needles into the hair follicles in the skin. Sending small electrical currents kill the hair and stop hair growth. In most cases, hair removal is permanent.

Use hair laser removal. This treatment, which is available through your dermatologist, directs a laser at the hair follicle and stops hair growth. It works best on men with dark body hair because the color pigment is more easily absorbed.

  • Read instructions when purchasing hair removal creams. Some creams aren't effective to use on certain regions of the body such as the pubic area. Also, test the creams on a small sample of skin to ensure you aren't allergic to the product.
  • If you decide to use electrolysis be prepared for a lengthy treatment session. According to, this treatment can last several hours, depending on the treatment area. If hair removal treatments cause inflammation, apply a cold compress to ease pain.