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Best Personal Hair Removal for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / November 4, 2019

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Question: Do You Have Any Tips For Men Shaving Genitals?

Answer: There's a big difference between shaving the pubic hair located on the skin and shaving the genitals. The skin on the genitals is different than other parts of your body, so you can really hurt yourself. I'm not a guy, but a nick or cut down below on the testicles or penis has to be a lot worse than on your face. A cut also has the risk of infection or other possible problems.

But that doesn't mean you're without any options if you're seeking to be completely hair-free beneath your boxers.

The Wiser Choice: A Men's Body Groomer

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Instead, try a men's personal hair groomer/shaver made especially for this purpose:

The above products by Norelco and ManGroomer can be used wet or dry so you can save time and shave while you shower. The Hair eRazor can only be used dry or with their dry shaving lube called Sinsation.

Each of the products allow you to use it to trim hair down with attachments or a separate end. This is good to do before shaving because you won't use up cutting power and if you do want hair shaved down totally you'll be able to do so in less strokes.

Or if you prefer you can leave some of your hair in the genital area to a neatly trimmed length.

And you can use the tools on other parts of your body, so you'll get more bang for your buck. Some guys don't want to shave down bare other parts of their body like their armpits or chest, but want them look more groomed. Trimming helps accomplish just that.

Each device has a special shaving heads made to be used on sensitive skin without much risk of cuts or nicks when used correctly and the product is cleaned and maintained.

Just be sure to read all of the instructions and, of course, use as directed.

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Possible Side Effects

Shaving creates sharp tips so there's always a possibility of hair growing back into the skin, causing ingrown hairs especially in this zone with thick, curly hair. Exfoliating regularly helps prevent this. Also, keeping a bump-fighting product on hand can help tackle the problem as soon as it starts.

Itchiness is another common challenge when shaving the pubic area. If you opt for the manual razor on part of your skin you need to be careful with what's in your shaving cream or gel as some of the ingredients could be irritating or drying out your skin. See: Itchy after Shaving?

Waxing Is Another Option

Shaving, as you know, only lasts a short time. If you're seeking a longer lasting option, you can try a professional men's bikini wax. Of course you will experience some discomfort as it pulls out the hair. On the plus side you can be hairless for weeks at a time uplifting the hair from the follicle.

While some salons will give a complete Brazilian wax- private parts and all- I don't recommend it. A safer option is getting the pubic hair around your genitals removed, and trim down the rest with the body shavers mentioned above.