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Veet Mens Hair Removal Cream Review

Cream / April 20, 2020

I have used many Veet products over the years, but unfortunately this product didn't meet the standard I was expecting from a Veet hair removal product.

First, the positives. The Precision Styler is a light, compact device with a clean stylish look, and it is fairly easy to change the styling head. I like the fact it comes with caps for the various heads, and the small cleaning brush is very useful. In addition to the various heads, the package also contains 1 AA battery which is great - there is nothing worse than purchasing an item that requires a battery and when you get home you and can't find the right battery! It also comes with a small plastic drawstring pouch so all the items can be stored together - no lost parts in the bathroom cupboard!

One of the main descriptions of the product was as a biniki shaper. I have used bikini trimmers before, and compared to my regular trimmer the Veet styler was far less effective. The trimming blades on the bikini attachment seemed too short and 'weak' to be able to trim hair back to skin level, and missed quite a lot of hair. I do not have much body hair (I can go more than a week in summer without shaving my legs, and I need to tint my eyebrows as they are so fair) however even my sparse hair seemed too much for this styler. It was not a quick process either, I spent much longer than I normally would tidying myself up, for an inferior result. I will be sticking with my previous bikini trimmer.

It has taken me many years of care and attention from my beautician to get my eyebrows to thicken up and maintain a good shape, so there was no way I was going put a trimmer of any make on my brows. I did however use the smallest head to trim a few stray blonde hairs between my brows, I found it was gentle and didn't irritate my skin at all.

The most effective use of the styler was when I used the long thin head on my face. Sadly as we get older we start to get fine blonde hairs (I think it's called 'peach fuzz'?) that are mostly not noticeable, but can catch makeup and powder, and spoil he clean finish of a carefully made-up face. I have never done anything about removing them before, but I decided to use the long thin head to carefully trim them from my cheeks and above my top lip. I found the Veet styler to be perfect for this - the small trimming head gently removed the hair and didn't irritate my skin at all. I was very happy with the look of my makeup, which I applied immediately after, and I will continue using the Veet Precision Styler for this purpose.

All in all, I don't this it is possible to successfully combine a bikini trimmer with a facial hair trimmer - the degree of delicacy required to remove facial hair means the device is too weak to properly remove more sturdy bikini hair. As a facial hair trimmer it works well, but fails as a bikini trimmer. As a facial hair trimmer I believe it is overpriced at $50, and I wouldn't purchase this item myself or recommend it to others.

Brand Response:
Dear bluerose,
Thank you very much for taking the time to trial and provide us your experience with the newly launched Veet Beauty Trimmer. Your input and feedback is vitally important to us, as we continue to review and develop our products. We always want consumer expectations to be met with our products.

Please be assured that your comments have been forwarded to the Veet Brand manager and respective Quality teams for their information and considerations in future product planning.