Tanda Me Chic Elos Hair Removal For Women&Men s 120, Flashes

Tanda me ELOS Reviews for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / August 26, 2022

First thing to mention about the Me-My-Elos are the cartridges, which can represent a significant ongoing cost - the standard cartridges (there's one included in this pack) last for 5, 400 flashes. On the medium brightness setting the cartridge flashes approximately once per second and that means they're good for around 90 minutes of continual use on that setting. There are also newer `Quartz' cartridges available and they last for 100, 000 flashes before needing replaced but you'd have to buy one separately after buying this unit - or go for the Homedics Me My Elos - Me Plus version which comes complete with a Quartz cartridge. Note that the Quartz cartridges for this machine are different to the cartridges used in the 'Plus' unit and unfortunately they don't seem to be available from Amazon at the moment - you can get them from Boots the Chemist however for around £145 but obviously this only really makes economic sense if you already own this unit, otherwise you'd be better to buy the later Plus model.

The second thing to mention is how easy this unit is to use. The me-my-elos flashes automatically at regular intervals so you use it like a shaver or epilator, slowly moving it slowly across your skin. Note that on the Low brightness setting the cartridge flashes quickly (about twice per second) and flashes more slowly on the High setting (about once every 2 seconds) so you have to try and match the speed of your movement with the speed of the flashes to ensure you don't miss any area. However, this is still much more convenient than other IPL units that require you to 'flash-hop-flash-hop' the unit across the skin. There are only 3 different strengths of light setting, maybe because the Elos system also uses radio waves to achieve results, and even the brightest setting seems to be less powerful than other units. This means it's virtually pain-free in use, even for men who might have denser or thicker hair to treat, because there's less tendency for hair to burn on the surface of the skin. The handset has two connection slots, one for the Elos head itself and the other for either of the optional Shaver Attachments or Epilator Attachments. I haven't tried these but in theory they'd allow you to shave and then zap unwanted body-hair in a single action.

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