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Permanent Hair Removal for Legs for Mens

Permanently / June 11, 2018

Before and after laser hair removal photo - after 4 months and 3 treatmentsBy Melissa Johnson MD, FACS

BBL BroadBand LightTM: for safe, comfortable hair removal

The safest, most commfortable, and skin-friendly therapeutic laser hair removal treatments require precise, even heating of hair follicles coupled with cooling to protect the skin. To ensure maximum clinical safety, we use broadband light (BBL) energy to treat the melanin in hair follicles by gentle diffusion of heat down to the hair stems in the bulb. Laser hair reduction performed under the guidance of a qualified dermatologic surgeon such as Dr. Johnson is safe and effectively removes unwanted hair from the face, underarms, back, legs and bikini area. See our below.

Safer Laser Hair RemovalBefore & after photos after three BBL laser hair removal treatments

4 months after 3 laser hair removal treatments. 6 months after 3 laser hair removal treatments.

As a board certified plastic surgeon and qualified skin care doctor, I prefer the Forever Bare BBLTM laser hair removal system. It's safer on your skin, cooler, and more comfortable than other laser systems or electrolysis. Perfect for hair removal on sensitive face, legs, bikini areas and more.

Before and after laser hair removal photo - after 6 months and 3 treatments Video: About BBL Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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