Dermology Hair Removal Cream Got 300% Better Results & Completely

Organic Depilatory Cream for Mens

Cream / November 3, 2018

The main difference with our SYSTEM compared to the competition, is we’re the only brand that offers pre and post hair removal solutions packaged for convenience. We’re the first and only end to end hair removal system formulated for men’s skin specifically to help eliminate irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair. Our core 2-Step system has built-in skin therapy to soothe, purify, and hydrate the skin during and after the hair removal process.

Hair removal is really all about the skin so it is important to prep and care for the skin before, during and after hair removal sessions. You can learn more here;

Our Pre-hair removal solutions include SCRUB & EXFOLIATOR Tools to purify your skin with a hydrating body wash free of all skin enemies (Dyes, Fragrances, Harsh Alcohols and other synthetics). Also designed to restore your skin’s ph level back to a natural state.

Our Post-hair removal tools include: REDUCE & PREVENT; these are solutions that are critical to your skins health. Both soothe and help eliminate irritation, bumps and ingrown hair. They also stimulate new collagen, help slow down new regrowth (much like laser without the limitation and pain of laser).

* REDUCE works to disable only the actively growing hair which is typically about 25% of a certain area. Hair grows in 3 phases; Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting phase) so REDUCE DOES NOT work on the hair in its resting phase. Much like laser removal you must have several sessions (around 5 to 7 ) with SmoothTech Pro to realize the benefits and again you must be consistent with DAILY use.

Comparing our removal tools

ELIMINATE ST1 is an organic lotion designed to hydrate and moisturize men’s skin vs. Veet, Nad & Nair that are creams that contain fragrances and other ingredients/chemicals that are not friendly to men’s skin) (products known to dry out skin/ originally created for woman with lower ph levels) Veet, Nair Nads, are designed for speed; single action to remove hair only, not really worrying about the effects on the skin. They typically remove hair faster than ELIMINATE. Why?

ELIMINATE (our lotion) creates an additional barrier for the skin that helps prevent (TEWL) transepidermal water loss which is key to maintaining healthy looking skin which is what hair removal is all about. We’re not as fast but we don’t damage the skin, we nature the skin with built-in skin therapy. We’re all about prevention and correction, so by using our products you actually can correct other skin issues, including back acne, ingrown hair, bumps irritation, dry patches etc. A lot of people don’t realize the extra benefits they receive with our products, because they are typically only concerned with removing the hair. Once your skin is exposed, you should want it to look good, so you should want a system designed for men’s skin which is what STP is.

How old do you have to be to use this product?

We recommend that you be at least 18 or older to use this product and website.

Is your product safe for tattoos?

STP is made with naturally derived ingredients and is very ink friendly and will NOT affect your tattoos

What are the benefits of using STP verses shaving?

STP’s hair removal lotion dissolves hair below the skin’s surface and also removes impurities, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. This leaves you with healthy SMOOTH stubble free skin that last for weeks. Shaving only lasts 1 to 2 days, cuts the hair above the skin leaving it feeling rough and stubbly. Shaving can also lead to bumps, acne and other skin issues.

Does your lotion smell?

All products have a scent but our proudt is virtually odorless. Part of the STP appeal is our ability to remove virtually all of the smells typically associated with depilatories. We use naturally derived ingredients and remove all of the bad stuff including fragrances and harsh chemicals that smell and are bad for your skin.

Will your lotion burn me?

No. As long as you follow all warnings and directions our hair removal lotion will not irritate or cause any skin burns. Of course not everyone’s skin is the same so we always recommend that you perform a small test patch before commencing a full session. Make sure your skin is hydrated especailly the areas you plan to remove hair to prevent any type of irritation. A great pre-hair removal hydration solution is Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil. It's all natural and is a great moisturizing tool for men.