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Body / August 25, 2019

Very few men take on the challenge of shaving their legs (or have a reason to), but for the few brave souls who do, it's important to make sure that you follow some best practices to ensure you get the best and smoothest shave possible.

Now before you get started, if you're a masculine guy with no good reason to shave your legs, shaving your legs happens to be one of those things that people will say, "oh, so you have your legs?" So be prepared to get this response from others-especially if you're a straight guy.

Aside from your genitalia, hair on a man is what makes a man, well, a man. Granted, there has been this metrosexual movement in recent years-and I'm totally onboard myself. Men are shaving and trimming hair all over their body to look neat and clean.

However, shaving your legs and arms are two areas of the body that seem to be barred from this movement-partly because people think it looks visually awkward and because rubbing up against unmanaged stubble is cringing; this is the challenge with many men-they'll do something on a whim, and then get complacent.

However, there are some good reasons to shave your legs-it's just important that once you start, that you properly maintain a smooth look and feel.

Reasons Why Men Shave Their Legs

Men who generally have a good reason to shave their legs are:

  • Bodybuilders and alpha males
  • Professional swimmers, gymnasts, runners, cyclists, and other athletic types
  • Professional dancers (including strippers-hate to put on the same line, but it's true)
  • Models (rarely do you see a man in an ad or on the runway with very hairy legs)
  • Men with an effeminate aesthetic (only a handful of men pull this off well)
  • Female impersonators

I think for all these groups-hairless legs can work. In most of them, it's purely aesthetic-you expect these types to look clean and neat.

The only exception is for the athletic types, like swimmers and such. For avid sports enthusiasts, it's not only an aesthetic issue, it's also a performance one. Swimming, running, etc. is easier without extra hair. Plus, icing sprains and bruises on smooth skin is preferred by many men.

Spare Your Significant Other From Scratchy Snuggles

I can't write this guide without acknowledging the good people who will encounter your smooth legs or the lack thereof-most notably, your significant other.

Again, if you shave your legs, it's something you have to keep up regularly. Hair regrowth on the legs can be quick-creating a stubble that's like sandpaper.

Nothing will make a person recoil faster than encountering scratchy legs under the bedsheets-it's just not amenable to good snuggling.

Your Legs Probably Aren't As Tan As You Think

If you have fair skin and dark hair, you may be surprised that your legs look a lot more white and pasty after shaving them. Dark hair gives the illusion of darker skin-once removed, it may unveil the alabaster skin you never knew you had.

If this is you, then you will probably want to invest in a good self-tanner to darken up those legs. To be honest, shaved legs on a man only looks good if those legs are tan.