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Portable Hair Removal / April 20, 2015

Immediately after

PLEASE don't do ANY of the following stupid things for at least the first 12 hours after your treatment (the next day is better):

• Sunbake ("Suntan" for those who don't know)
• Go to the beach or swim in the sea (It's ONLY 12 hours mate!)
• Go in a chlorinated pool
• Hang out in a jacuzzi - you don't know whose been or done what in that water
• Ditto for a steam bath or sauna - it's hot in there and bacteria just LOVE hot and steamy!
• Use any strong smelling creams or lotions - it might burn the hell out of you to remind you of this
• Beware of condoms and/or lubricants
• Don't have unprotected sex
• Allow any 'body fluids' (other than your own) on your waxed areas

Your follicles are exposed and you are prone to infection!
OR think of it like this:
Would you do these things to an open sore?

Redness & Burning This settles within a couple of hours after. If it does not, see your physician. Vitamin E Vitamin E cream is VITAL for good skin after waxing! Get Vitamin E cream from your pharmacy and rub it on the waxed areas after every shower.or get someone to help you with this...

Other products available that are great as after-wax care includes commercial mixtures like tee tree and witchhazel creams. However, if it burns too much, chuck it!

Experiment until you find something that works best with your skin.

Exfoliate Your skin will close over your follicles soon after your treatment. (A follicle is the small tubular cavity containing the root of a hair... for those who don't know) The hairs will start to grow again soon and will want to break through that skin.

You'll have to help the little buggers with this OR you might get ingrown hairs along with those horrible red bumps and you'll look a mess in the gym change rooms!

DO THE FOLLOWING: Get a SOFT brush from your chemist (NOT a nail brush!) OR just use an exfoliating mitt if you don't want to be caught doing the brush-thing. After soaping up in the shower, GENTLY brush in circular movements over all the waxed areas. Yep, you guessed it. 'there' too. This goes a bloody long way to help the hairs to break through the skin. Continue this for a few days and we can practically guarantee no ingrowns.

NOTE: We said GENTLY brush in circular movements. Cut the macho "I-feel-no-pain" thing of SCRUBBING till the blood flows every time. You CAN do 'gentle will know! Irritating the skin with rough scrubbing will cause you to expose yourself to infection in those no-go areas for longer than you need to!

Ingrowns Sooooo. You didn't listen when we said to do your homework!

There are commercial products to help with ingrowns. Ask your therapist for some. No doubt they'll stock it for you. Stuff like Legolé and In-Grow Gold and Ingrown-X-it.

Either that or get the sharp and tweezers and dig them out one at a time...or get a caring soul to do it for you... could be fun!

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