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Male Body Hair Grooming TIPS for Mens

Body / December 15, 2021

Mens grooming once meant crossing the line from looking like a caveman in the jungle to becoming like a member of the latest boy-band - nothing in between. However, increasing numbers of men have become more conscious about skin care, hygiene and our appearance. The result is that the world of male grooming has exploded. Yet, all men should pay attention to all areas of their bodily grooming for a variety of reasons. To help you strike the balance between caveman and boy-band member, read on through this guide. A good beauty care routine is part of your secret weapon in looking presentable.

In terms of mens grooming, today’s gentlemen are ever more likely to manscape their bodily hair for a variety of beauty reasons. Some opt for clean-shaven, others for the more masculine rugged look. Whatever style you are aiming for, though, the care and techniques for shaving are the same wherever and whatever hair you are removing. You always use the same kit. The best advice for body hair across your head, face, beard and chest areas is to keep things in balance. If you are after a rugged look, for example, you should trim your body hair as uniformly as possible, without making it so short it can’t be seen. A little bit of scruffiness is okay as long as it’s balanced out across your body. A big exception to this in the world of mens body grooming is back hair. Ask most women whether back hair is sexy or not and the answer will almost always come back in the negative. Keep your back well-shaven and hair-free at all times by having it shaved or waxed to begin with, using top mens hair products and mens grooming products for best effects, then maintaining it thereafter. Remember, though, before shaving that the less body hair you have, the more of your body can be seen. If you are still carrying a little winter weight, consider leaving a bit more hair on, as a shaved body is much more unforgiving. Again, balance is key. If you have a scruffy beard, don’t go too short on your chest hair. Similarly, if you’re clean shaven don’t leave the chest unkempt.

Stay Trim With The Best Mens Body Grooming Products

The arms, legs and booty are all areas which are often missed out of a male beauty care routine. However, if you are meticulous or extremely hairy all over, then you may want to pay attention to these often-neglected areas. There are lots of mens body grooming products on the market, such as a cream which can help you tame those wilder regions of hair and craft a more civilised look with a shave. Trimming or shaving your underarm hair as a man really does depend upon your own preferences. If your armpit really is looking more like a wild bush, you might just need to take action. In a similar vein, shaving leg hair is a matter of personal preference, though for some sports players, a smooth look is almost essential. Mens grooming sets encompass a whole host of removal products which are perfect for depilating or simply smoothing down. If you are cautious, a quick buzz or cream application on your underarm or legs is no hassle. The final area men should groom is down under. While this delicate region isn’t going to be on display for the whole world to see, there’s still a need to consider grooming it for personal hygiene reasons and if your partner prefers this look. Obviously, tread carefully here. Your aim here should be to reduce the volume of hair whilst still retaining some, so you aren’t completely hairless down there. The Grooming Clinic has all the man’s grooming tools you need to shave comfortably and keep you looking your absolute best.

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