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Laser Hair Removal Groupon Boston for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / April 8, 2020

172 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 421-0900

This is The Best Med Spa in all Boston area! I am so pleased with all my services Staff is super friendly and informative, great management, excellent location. Love, love Laser MD Med Spa!!!

I bought a package and when I went in for my consultation, they pressured me into buying another package... neither of them worked. I paid tons for hair removal on my sideburns and chin, and they didnt work- it didn't even seem like the technician tried? She just like randomly dragged the thing over my face, it maybe took two mins, and I felt nothing. I'm glad it didn't hurt, but I expected to feel something, this just felt like a blue light on my face. I recognize that laser hair removal doesn't work for everyone, but during my consultation the woman ensured me I was a great candidate and that it would go away. I also got pressured to buy microdermabrasion treatments to even my skin out, but after the second they told me I shouldn't be getting it at the same time as a laser treatment... which I would have liked to know in the beginning... so I stopped for a bit until the laser treatments were done, in the end, it also did nothing. The hairs never really left and all microdermabrasion did was make my skin very sensitive and painful- I ended up going to see my dermatologist for help. They weren't great about helping me book treatments, although I recognize they were very busy, but laser has be done under a certain time table, and they seemingly didn't care. Most people I spoke with were sort of rude and dismissive. They're very pushy salespeople, it's worse than those people at the mall kiosks except you can't walk away from them. I feel like it's got a great location, and the idea of it is nice, and it's very clean- sparkling- but it has questionable service and execution. They are all fixable problems, so I hope that they can re-evaluate and become better!

If i could give a lesser rating, I would. I wasted way too much money here and I suggest you to find another place for your laser treatment. I got 16 treatments for upper lips and 8 for my full face and it was a complete waste. I had a different person doing the laser every time and each of them would do it differently. after all the sittings, there has been no improvement. Worst of all, One of them did it on my neck(where i didn't have a hair problem) while the others didn't and that resulted in hair growth on my neck now. Pls do not get your hair treatment done here.

I was introduced to this place through Groupon for a laser special on one area and now I'm practically getting my whole body treated. The staff is amazing and incredibly informative from the ladies at the front desk to the technicians. Never has anyone pressured me to buy any products or buy more sessions because they don't have to, this place constantly has amazing deals!!! I love this place and I only trust them with my sensitive skin.