Zwivel s Complete Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal Home Device for Mens

Hair Removal At Home / May 24, 2017

Laser hair removal devices emit a focused laser beam onto the skin. The beam passes into the hair follicle and specifically into the melanin pigment of the hair during the active growth phase. The heat directly damages the growing hair, and it eventually sheds. The damage caused inhibits new hair growth in the affected follicle. However, laser hair removal devices do not damage skin cells.

However, regardless of where you have unwanted hair, you must remember that each hair has its own growth, dormant and shedding cycle. One laser treatment will not damage all of the hairs at the same time. Multiple treatments are necessary to target the hairs, which are actively growing. You may need up to 12 treatments before noticing results Periodic maintenance may also be necessary. Hormonal changes in the body may also affect hair growth. If hormone levels increase during or after pregnancy for example, new hair growth may occur in previously treated areas.

As the pigment is the part of the hair absorbing the laser heat, the devices are not effective for individuals having lighter hair. The devices are also not recommended for people having darker complexions, as heavily pigmented skin competes with hair pigments for light beam absorption.

About Laser Hair Treatments

In-home devices are safe for men and women. Women may use the devices to eliminate hair from the facial cheeks down to the toes. Men on the other hand can only use laser removal systems from the neck down due to the density of follicles in the beard region. Before undergoing treatment, the skin should be clean and the affected areas shaved. Otherwise, the light singes hair above the skin line, which might also burn the skin. The light additionally will not effectively penetrate into the follicle as needed.

Each device varies in terms of the size of the area treated at one time. So, the time needed to treat different areas of the body varies with each device. Each laser pulse requires only a fraction of a second to treat one zone before you move onto the next. However, devices vary in terms of the time lapse between pulses.

The sensation created by the laser beam is comparable to being lightly snapped with a rubber band. The level of the sensation also increases or decreases with the intensity level of the beam emitted. The more often you treat follicles, the less sensitive skin becomes to the laser sensation.

Treated skin commonly appears similar to being sunburned. The effect typically fades within a day or two. However, you must avoid going over the same area twice in order to avoid excessive burning or blistering of your skin.

Sensica SensiLight Mini100

The FDA-cleared SensiLight Mini 100 is compact and comparable in size to an electric razor. The SensiLight is a corded system. The device is easy to use. Simply insert the adapter into the bottom of the Mini 100 and the other end into a standard outlet. Once plugged in, a green power light illuminates to let you know the device is receiving electricity.

The back of the device has a button for selecting one of three light intensity levels. The top of the unit features the large light emitting button, which enables you to press once for manual light emissions. You can also continually depress the button to engage the automatic mode for treating larger areas.

The unit also comes equipped with a skin tone sensor, which senses variations in skin color and adjusts the intensity of the light as needed. The Sensica SensiLigth Mini 100 is appropriate for use on skin tones in the 1 to 4 range on the Fitzpatrick Scale and on dark blond to black hair.